West Chester University



The University has many staff who work on sustainability issues in their day to day responsibilities. However, in an institution as large as WCU, there will always be things that volunteers can do to improve our campus and help make us all better stewards of our environment.

Some of these volunteer opportunities happen through student organizations such as the EARTH (Environment Association for the Repair of the Habitat) Group. You can find out more about their activities and mission through this link.

There are also lots of opportunities to volunteer off campus. You can find some of these opportunities on our Community Outreach page. Also take a look at our Student Involvement page.

However, if you want to help out where you live, you may want to sign up to be a Recycling Coordinator! Here are the details:

In conjunction with various offices on the campus, the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services is looking to improve the impact of recycling in the residential facilities. In order to do this, we need help! We are hoping that student volunteers, acting as Recycling Coordinators, would do the following:

  • Monitor that appropriate recycling containers are located on every floor of each residence hall and report missing or damaged containers
  • Periodically check to see if recyclable materials are being placed in regular trash containers. If possible, determine where these items are coming from
  • In conjunction with the Resident Assistants and Residence Life staff, offer educational opportunities to floor residents regarding recycling and general sustainability issues - these may be passive displays and/or active programs.
  • Assist with any recycling competition that we might be able to offer this semester or in the future.

We are also open to other suggestions, so please let us know! It would be ideal to have coordinators who live on campus and can monitor their own living area, but there may be a way off campus students can participate as well.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or want to sign up, please contact Peter Galloway Director of Housing Services, 202 Lawrence Center, 610-436-3307.