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Weather & Climate at WCU

Current weather conditions and rainfall data for the Boucher Hall collection site is available here. continuously monitors the weather in Chester County. They describe the climate in Chester County this way: Typical of the Piedmont Plateau, the climate is classified as Modified Humid Continental due its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean (85 miles east). However, due to its inland position and relative high elevation many winter storms that mix with or turn to rain in Philadelphia will remain snow in the higher elevations of Chester County.

Summers are warm and rather humid. Usually highs reach into the mid-80s with nighttime lows near 60°F. However, summer nights in the 50's are to be expected several times each month of the summer season. The occasional maritime influence tends to produce a fairly uniform weather pattern, resulting in occasional prolonged Hot, Hazy and Humid periods.

The growing (freeze free) season averages 171 days in length although it has varied from 119 days in 1956 to 212 days in 1920. April 25 is the average date of the last spring frost (36°F or lower) with the latest observed on May 28, 1927. The average date of the first fall frost is October 3 with the earliest September 11, 1924.

Learn more about weather and climate from Higher Education Opportunities at NOAA. These items are designed for undergraduate and graduate students who are looking for research opportunities, scholarships, grants, fellowships, and jobs. You can also follow their links to find out more on weather, climate, fisheries and coastlines.

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