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Green Purchasing

Regional and global sustainability must be included and embraced within the procurement and business processes at WCU. The Green Purchasing Policy is a link from the procurement process to the other sustainability efforts on campus, and helps institutionalize Green Purchasing throughout the campus community. It enhances the mission of WCU by aligning business strategies with our campus community, as well as the local and regional economies.Green Purchasing is a way of adding environmental considerations to the price and performance criteria WCU uses to make purchasing (transaction) decisions. Green Purchasing attempts to identify and reduce environmental impact and to maximize resource efficiency.

The Green Purchasing Policy reflects WCU's commitment to the environment and the community. Green Purchasing is already taking place at WCU with the purchasing of recycled content paper goods, bi-fuel vehicles, and environmentally friendly furniture and carpet.

Green Monday Initiative

West Chester University is working to lessen its carbon foot print and improve the environment by partnering with Office Max to compress its delivery schedule from 5 delivery work days into 4 delivery work days (delivery Tuesday – Friday).  By eliminating one delivery day a week this will reduce the delivery miles driven and associated emissions and reduce traffic on campus. Please help West Chester University go green each Monday! Together we’ll make our community an even better place to learn, work and live!

Honors 314 Presentation on Purchasing

What did WCU students find out when they researched sustainability issues with respect to purchasing? Find out here in this link to a presentation produced by students in HON 314.

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