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Looking for ways to integrate sustainability and/or the environment in the curriculum? Look at the resources here.

WCU's Green Efforts

Gordon Natural Area

West Chester University is striving to be a leader in SE Pennsylvania in sustainability. Chester Country has a strong sustainability program and acknowledges WCU as a leader in these efforts. Not only do we have our own environmental reserve on campus, but sustainability is one of the transformations listed in our Plan for Excellence. WCU's sustainability efforts, Dr.Tim Lutz (former Sustainability Co-ordinator) and the Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC) were featured in a cover story of WCU Magazine. Dr. Paul Morgan is our current Sustainability Co-ordinator.

The University is also actively working at reducing it carbon footprint. Our geothermal system is expanding and serves several buildings on campus, including two new residence halls. These efforts were recently supported by a $5 million grant from the Department of Energy, as reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Geothermal Sign

Look for green roofs sprouting up on campus. Soon the roof above part of Green Library and the Merion Science Center will be decked out with sprouting plants that help to reduce runoff while beautifying our campus. The green roof above the Merion Science Center will be next to another of our success stories, the Outdoor Classroom.

How environmentally friendly is your college or university? Well, it all depends on whom you ask reports a recent article in Inside Higher Ed. Sustainability is an important and guiding principle at West Chester University. Interim President Lamwers has identified four immediate priorities for WCU: "The first priority: Ensure vitality and stability during the presidential transition. Our Plan for Excellence ensures institutional vitality and stability through continued support to existing programs, new initiatives and institutional values. This priority includes advancing WCU as a diverse, civil community that honors individual strengths and differences and has a global, multicultural perspective. At the same time, through such means as our geothermal heating and cooling project, it also includes expanding efforts promoting sustainability and reducing the University's negative impact on the environment."

As you navigate through the links below you will find out more about the efforts we are making throughout the campus, in our curriculum and in our scholarship, to address this issue.

Plan for Excellence Responsiveness Transformation
Sub-goal #7

West Chester University is a member of AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, and the WCU Environmental Council has persuaded the administration of the University that its mission is central to that of the University. To reflect this, the University's Plan for Excellence was updated to include the following new Responsiveness Transformation sub-goal:

Encouraging environmental awareness through training, curricula, and co-curricula programming will assess and reduce the ecological impact of the University, and will promote research and service that foster regional and global sustainability.

Green Report


Links to Sustainability Activities at West Chester University: