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This page will lead you to information on two very different aspects of the topic "energy". The first is more information on where we get our supplies of energy (or more accurately and to the point, power). The second is data on energy usage here at West Chester University.

Historic Energy Grant for WCU

From the Daily Local News

WEST CHESTER – West Chester University has received a $5 million U.S. Department of Energy grant, the largest in the school's history. The money will fund the third phase in the university's 10-year plan to convert heating and cooling systems of roughly 25 campus buildings to their expanding geothermal energy system.

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Sestak Praises WCU's Geothermal Energy Efforts

From the Daily Local News

WEST CHESTER – U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak said that West Chester University's effort to add geothermal generators to its heating and cooling system is an example of the type of renewable energy initiative the federal government should support. The university is attempting to phase out its coal-powered steam plant and replace it with geothermal facilities, university officials said.

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Find out more about the geothermal initiative at WCU in this PowerPoint presentation, in the 2009 Green Report and from the WCU Facilities Division website.