West Chester University


CO2 Footprint

As part of the ACUPCC Climate commitment, WCU is studying its carbon footprint and implementing strategies for achieving climate neutrality. The Greenhouse gas report of WCU is available on the APUCC website. You can see our ACUPCC profile here.

An earlier report of Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory for West Chester University, Baseline Year 2005 prepared by Professor Lutz is available here in pdf form.

In early 2007, West Chester Borough Council approved an advisory committee, Borough Leaders United for Emission Reduction (BLUER), to study greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Borough and to make recommendations to reduce emissions. BLUER reports to Council through the Parks, Recreation, and Environmental Protection (PREP) committee. Five BLUER members were chosen to represent different sectors of the Borough: businesses, residents, county government, and West Chester University. Tim Lutz was nominated to be the University's representative by the WCU Environmental Council and was approved by Borough Council.

DVRPC has completed an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in the region. Identifying and quantifying the emissions sources in the region is a key first step to developing strategies for reducing emissions. The full report is available for download here. This effort was accompanied by the allocation of the inventory to each of the region's nine counties and 352 municipalities