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Research at WCU

G. Winfield Fairchild: Changing Densities, Uses and Dispersion of Constructed Ponds within Regional Landscapes

Current research involves the proliferation of constructed ponds in the region, and their collective impact on water quality.

Frank E. Fish: Flipper Dynamics

The study of flippers isn't just for learning more about fish and marine mammals. As shown here, mimicking the fin of the humpback whale can help improve the performance of wind turbines. Learn more about the Liquid Life Laboratory.

Harry Tiebout: Salamander Monitoring Studies

I, along with five of my grad students and about 30 undergraduate students) have been researching techniques for monitoring salamander populations longterm to detect environmental change, including climate change. Our studies, which started in 1996, have been conducted in two local National Parks (Valley Forge, Hopewell Furnace) and the Gordon Natural Area for Environmental Studies.

salamander forest

Our focal species, the Redback Salamander, comes in two color phases - red and lead

Our current study is in forest understory plots.