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Building on Excellence


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Building on Excellence

Building on Excellence: A Strategic Plan for WCU

Strategic Planning Assessment and Advocacy Committee (SPAAC)

The Strategic Planning Assessment and Advocacy Committee coordinates campus assessment, review, and implementation of the strategic plan, Building on Excellence. Learn more about SPAAC and the strategic planning process at West Chester University.

As one of the nation's top regional comprehensive public universities, West Chester University is primed for even greater success. More than 2,000 stakeholders have participated in creating and now implementing a truly shared vision — the Building on Excellence strategic plan. Building on Excellence identifies opportunities and challenges, and presents clear goals and outcome actions. It outlines concrete actions to be taken and clearly identifies end results.

In the two years since this plan was launched, we have made great strides in advancing West Chester University in excellence. Most importantly, we have not only retained but strengthened our commitment to what we value most — the success of every WCU student.

We are currently beginning Year 3, Phase 1 of the plan and there have been exciting developments in a number of key areas, such as a major revision of our General Education program. All colleges and units of Academic Affairs have been engaged in the planning process for this major revision. Faculty members are working to develop an outcomes-based curriculum that will provide students with a strong liberal arts foundation as well as prepare them for citizenship in a technologically advancing global society.

I invite you to review the Year 3 Updates to the Building on Excellence documents posted at left. Additional information ranging from the entire plan in its comprehensive form to the Strategic Plan Assessment and Advocacy Committee's Phase 1, Year 1 and 2 reports can be found below. Your feedback is always welcome. Feedback forms can be found in each of the five theme pages.

I am very proud of our plan and believe it serves as a model for others to emulate. Thank you for playing a role in helping West Chester University achieve great things for our students, the citizens of Pennsylvania, and the wider world.

Greg R. Weisenstein
President, West Chester University

What's Happening Now!

What's Next:
Year 3 Objectives are now set and outcome leaders will be inputting mid-year updates via TracDat. Theme teams will be reviewing the updates to ensure completeness and detail.

What's Coming:
SPAAC will be completing a mid-year report by January 31st, 2016 and providing resource recommendations to the University Budget Committee. Theme teams will also have a chance to review SPAAC recommendations for any mid-year adjustments. In addition, theme teams are starting the discussion of Phase II (Years 4-6) objectives and outcome measures.

See the full SPAAC Cycle and give input/feedback to SPAAC.