Southeastern Pennsylvania Autism Resource Center

1160 McDermott Drive #214
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610-430-5678

What is our Philosophy?

We believe that each child must receive assessments and treatments that are tailored to his or her needs and those of his or her family. We believe that every person with autism should receive treatments that will bring that person to his/her highest level of independence. We recognize that this level of independence will grow as the child grows; therefore, treatment cannot be static, but must be dynamic and flexible. We believe that every person with autism has the right to receive treatment from qualified and caring individuals. We believe that the foundation for effective treatment is the use of data-based, empirically validated procedures that permit objective evaluation of outcomes. We believe that we are responsible to our clients for examining our effectiveness through objective analysis of our performance.


Our Shared Values



Enable each client to develop skills that will help him or her lead a fulfilling life of their choosing.



Ensure treatment effectiveness by engaging in open communication and collaboration with community partners, such as school districts, physicians, speech therapists, and social workers, who are a critical part of an effective treatment team.


Treatment Efficacy

Implement full and accurate state-of-the-art evidence-based treatment approaches by having our clinicians maintain active continuing education in the fields of applied behavior analysis and autism.



Work directly with family members to ensure training and education extends to real life change since the family is a crucial partner in effectively changing the lives of people with autism.



Provide exceptional quality, affordable treatment to families through active fundraising and community support so that treatment does not result in family fiscal distress.