Strategic Planning & Resource Council

West Chester University



Who We Are

Co-Chairs: Mary Pat Werley and Giovanni Casotti

Student Success Transformation

Giovanni Casotti (X2856), faculty; Professor; Biology

Jon Kuklis (717-669-8419), student; Student

David Timman (X2984), management; Director of Sykes Student Union, Student Affairs

Resourcefulness Transformation

Mary Pat Werley (x3510), management; Academic Affairs Budget Manager

Carolyn Jimenez (X3293), faculty; Professor-Sports Medicine

Responsiveness Transformation

Wei Wei Cai (X2395), faculty; Professor of Education

Walter Cressler (x1072), faculty; Associate Professor of Library Reference Services

Diversity Transformation

Maria Purciello (X2679), faculty; Assistant Professor, Music History and Literature

Alfred Howard (X6967), management; Manager of Student Service Maintenance

Human Capital Transformation

Dorothy Ives-Dewey (x2746), faculty; Assistant Professor Geography and Planning

Cindi Strengari (X2527), staff; Secretary-Undergraduate Social Work

Barbara Cooper (X3589), staff; AFSCME Representative

SPRC Cabinet Liaison

Mark Pavlovich (x3303), management; Vice President for Advancement