Applied Pharmaceutical Marketing Analytics (531)

Course Objectives

Taught by two experienced leaders in this field from nearby internship partner companies, this course will provide practical hands on knowledge and experience on the application of statistics methods and techniques to big data within the pharmaceutical industry. It will strive to prepare student with good understanding of the workings of business analytics and applications within the pharmaceutical industry. The primary objectives will be to:

 Provide a strong foundation on core big data assets commonly used within business analytics and research in the pharmaceutical industry. Some core objectives of this piece of the course will cover topics that will address questions such as:
o What are the core Patient Data Assets that exists within Pharmaceutical industry?
o What are the core Physician Data Assets that exists within Pharmaceutical industry?
o What are the core Payer Data Assets that exists within Pharmaceutical industry?

 Provide students with the requisite knowledge and experience on how Business Analytics techniques and methods are applied to data assets within the pharmaceutical industry. This part of the course will address the questions:
o What are core statistical and analytical techniques that are routinely conducted within the pharmaceutical industry? How are physician, patient and payer data assets used to accomplish the aforementioned analyses?

 Highlight key pharmaceutical business issues and how the data assets and statistical methods and techniques are aligned to resolving these business issues. As an example the course will attempt to highlight and address business questions like:
o How many segments exist in my market?
o What is the best strategy for targeting customers?
o How can I optimally allocate resources?

Additional Information

Elective course for MS degree
Prerequisites: STA511 & STA512