Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis (507)

Course Objectives

This class will provide data-driven introduction to statistical techniques for analysis of categorical data. Each topic will be introduced from the foundations. However, the main focus of the class will be how to apply the various techniques to actual data and how to interpret subsequent results. All techniques will be demonstrated using SAS. While students will be provided with all appropriate syntax specific to new material, it is expected that all students will have completed STA511 or have a working knowledge of SAS.


Topics covered may include measures of association and statistical tests for (2 x 2) contingency tables, Mantel-Haenszel methods for sets of (2 x 2) contingency tables, measures of association for (s x r) contingency tables, methods for ordinal response data, logistic regression, methods for correlated categorical data including McNemar's Test, methods for describing survival data including actuarial estimates, Poisson regression, observer agreement studies, and, time permitting, generalized estimating equation techniques, log-linear models and non-parametric techniques.

Example Syllabus

Course Descriptions