Statistics II: Probability Theory & Statistical Inference (506)

Course Objectives

This course is a continuation of STAT 505, but moves towards data analytical applications. We will cover Chapters 7-11,13 in Wackerly, Mendenhall, and Scheaffer (WMS) in great detail. Chapter 6 will be reviewed briefly. In addition, we will discuss most of the topics from Chapters 11 & 13. This will be a repeat of information in STAT 512, but we will dive into the modeling theory a little more deeply. If time permits, we will explore some topics in Chapters 12, 14, & 15. In particular, we will cover:

· Chapter 7 – Central Limit Theorem

· Chapters 8-10: Point estimators (and properties thereof), confidence intervals, suf- ficiency, method of moments and maximum likelihood estimation, and hypothesis tests.

· Chapters 11 & 13: Linear and multiple regression, correlation, analysis of variance, and basic categorical data methods.

· Chapter 14: Introduction to Analysis of Categorical data

· Chapter 15 : nonparametric statistics.

Example Syllabus

Course Descriptions