2012 CBMS-NSF Conference:

Mathematics of the Social and
Behavioral Sciences

August 13-17, 2012
West Chester University
West Chester, PA

Contributed Talks

  • Candace Ohm, Florida State University, "Manipulation (in Evolutionary Game Theory)"
  • Hal Switkay, West Chester University, "Borda and Condorcet Reconciled: A Generalization of Nanson's Theorem"
  • Joseph Gerver, Rutger University - Camden, "Is There a Formula for Measuring Gerrymandering?"
  • Kenneth Ganning, Seton Hall University, "An Introduction to Semiorders"
  • Mike Fisher, West Chester University, "An Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory"
  • Peter Coughlin, University of Maryland - College Park, "Elections with Partially Ordered Preferences"
  • Sungin Ahn, University of California - Riverside, "An Application of Index Theory to Microeconomics"
  • William A. Massey, Princeton University, "An Introduction to Queueing Theory from Telephones to Markov Processes"