Math Links

Some sites I found interesting/useful when I was surfing the web. Hope you find something to enjoy.

Algebraic Number Theory Archives

Andrew Math Page

Bellevue Community College-More Mathematical Web Sites

Bamdad's Math Comics Page

Descriptions of areas/courses in number theory, lecture notes

CRC Encyclopedia of Mathematics

Favorite Mathematical Constants

Florida State University: Mathematics WWW Virtual Library

Goldbach Conjecture Research

The Geometry Junkyard

Galaxy Directories -Mathematics

The History of Mathematics

Home Page for John Robertson

Inverse Symbolic Calculator

Index of /Root/d-Mathematics/d-Number-Theory

Internet Resources Collection on Equal Sums of Like Powers

An Introduction to Continued Fractions

Knot a Braid of Links

Magic Squares

Math Archives

Mathlinks "This site is basically an Olympiad level problem solving site" (including online mathematics books)

Math Pages

Miller's Marvellous Math

Mohammad Katoozian's Math Page (Mathematical Olympiad Problems)

The Mathematical Atlas

The Math Forum@Drexel

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora

MacTutor History of Mathematics archive


Mathematics web sites around the world

Mathematica Related URL's

The Nth Prime Page

Nick's Mathematical Puzzles

Number Theory Web

Number Recreations (Shyam Sunder Gupta )

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

The Online Mathematics Subject Tree

Online Mathematics Textbooks

Open Directory Project Number Theory Page

Prime Puzzles and Problems Connection

The Prime Pages

Prime k-tuplets

Prime Books about Prime Numbers

Recreational Mathematics

Rob Salgado's Math Bookmarks

BarcodesInc - Math and Logic Problems Galore

University of Maine Math Links

Yves Gallot's Proth.exe and Cunningham Chains

Mathematical puzzles and recreations


Mandelbrot Exhibition

Mathematical Puzzles page

Puzzles & Riddles

The rec.puzzles archive

Recreational Mathematics


Apple Arcade


Gamecrack Arcade



Peg Game





Please inform me of any links you think might interest me.

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