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William and Mary University


Course Number Course Title WCU Equivalent Date Updated
ARTH251 Survey of Art History ARH101
BIOL100 Prin of Biology BIO100
BIOL150W Contemporary Biology TRN199 (4)
BIOL200L Biological Sciences TRN199
BIOL203 Molecules Cell Development BIO220 (3)
BIOL204 Organism/Ecology Evolution BIO110
BIOL205 General Botany BIO215 (3) TRN199 (1)
BIOL206 General Zoology BIO217 (3) TRN 199 (1)
BIOL345 Neurobiology BIO199
BIOL406 Molecular Cell Biology BIO199
CHEM103 General Chemistry I CHE103
CHEM151 General Chemistry Lab CRL103
CHEM206 Organic Chemistry I CHE231
CHEM252 Organic Chemistry Lab CRL231
CHEM307 Organic Chemistry II CHE232
CHEM353 Organic Chem Lab III CRL232
CHEM308 General Chemistry II CHE104
CHEM354 General Chemistry Lab IV CRL104
CSCI131 Concepts in Computer Science CSW101
HIST101 History of Europe HIS199
KIN100 Wellness HEA199
KIN145 Folk Dance I PEA199
KIN150 Freshman Sem: Human Person Not Transferable
KIN151 Fok Danca II PEA199
KIN303 Human Anatomy BIO199
KIN340 Motor Development KIN185
KIN355 Sport and Gender Not Transferable
MATH104 Math Powered Flight MAT199
PHYS176 Intro Astonomy ESS111
SOC204 Social Problems SOC370
SOC210 Prin of Sociology SOC200
SPAN102 Elemetary Spanish SPA102
SPAN201 Intermediate Spanish II SPA201
SPAN202 Intermediate Spanish II SPA202