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Deleware Valley College

Course Number Course Title WCU Equivalent Date Updated
AE2004 Soils ESS490
AE2017 Topographical Surveying GEO199
AE3107 Environment Geology ESS236
AE3220 Hydrology ESS439
AE4105 Regional Land Use Planning GEO320
BA1005 Intro to Business MGT100
BA1009 Management Concepts & Essen MGT300
BA2008 Economics I ECO111
BA2123 Principles of Accounting I ACC201
BA2161 Business Law I BLA199
BA2210 Microeconomics ECO112
BA2224 Principles of Acocounting II ACC202
BA2261 Business Law II BLA199
BY1115 Natural Science I TRN199
BY1115 Natural Science I BIO102
BY1116 Biological Science I BIO110/TRN199
BY1216 Natural Science II TRN199
BY1217 Biological Science II BIO110/TRN199
BY2003 Genetics BIO230
BY2007 Entomology BIO377
BY2108 Ecology BIO270
BY2225 Plant Communities BIO475
CHI103 General Chemistry I CHE103/CRL103
CHI203 General Chemistry II CHE104/CRL104
CM2114 Intro to Computers CSW101
CM2214 Micro Computer Application CSC199
CM3220 Computer Aided Design CSC199
EN1101 English I WRT120
EN1115 Human Communication COM204
EN1201 English II WRT200
EN2028 Intro to Literature LIT165
FS4010 Intro to Winemaking Not Transferable
HT2005 Plant Physiology BIO466
HT2101 Botany of Vascular Plants BIO215
HT4005 Plant Pathology BIO199
HT9000 Fruits and Veg-Fun Food Not Transferable
LA1060 Intro to Arts TRN199
LA2005 Speech SPK208
LA2040 History of West Civ II HIS102
LA3032 Modern American History & Gov PSC100
LA4037 World Cultures HIS199
LA4042 Intro to Philosophy PHI101
MP0009 Algebra II Not Transferable
MO0010 Basic Mathematics Not Transferable
MP1102 College Algebra MAT107
MP1105 Discrete Mathematics Not Transferable
MP1203 Elementary Function MAT105
MP1204 Calculus I MAT161
MP1206 Geometry Not Transferable
MP2114 Business Statistics ECO251
MP2121 Calculus II MAT162
MP2214 Business Statistics II ECO252
MP2223 Ordinary Differential Equations MAT343
MP2227 Probability MAT199
MP2228 Mathematical Statistics MAT421
MP2230 Numerical Methods MAT425
MP3036 Methods of Adv Math MAT200
MP3037 Mod Algebra & Number Theory MAT414
MP3120 Foundations of Math MAT199
MP3123 Advanced Calculus MAT261
OH2014 Floriculture Techniques Not Transferable
OH2015 Landscape Techniques ESS199
OH2118 Woody Plant Materials II BIO275
OH2120 Floral Business Management Not Transferable
OH2370 Employment Program TRN199
OH3005 Plant Propagation Not Transferable
OH3020 Basic Design Not Transferable
OH3106 Floral Crop Production Not Transferable
OH3118 Woody Plant Identification I BIO275
OH3208 Floral Crop Production II Not Transferable
OH3216 History of Landscape Arch ART199
OH3219 Herbaceous Plant Materials BIO215
OH3232 Intro Floral Design Not Transferable
OH4008 Seminar Not Transferable
OH4108 Interiorscaping Not Transferable
OH4145 Advanced Floral Design Not Transferable
PE1109 Physical Education PEA199
PE1209 Physical Education PEA199