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Deleware College of Art

Course Number Course Title WCU Equivalent
AH111 Art History I ARH103
AH112 Art History iI ARH104
AH113 Art History III ARH385
AH218 20th Century Art ARH386
FA152 Drawing II ART206
FA222 Printmaking ART241
FA223 Mixed Media ART455
FA231 Drawing III ART306
FA232 Drawing IV ART307
FA241 Painting I ART216
FA242 Painting II ART217
FN121 Foundation Seminar ART199
FN131 2-D Design ART111
FN132 2-D Design II ART112
FN141 3-D Design ART220
FN142 3-D Design II ART221
FN151 Drawing I ART106