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Deleware County Community College

Course Number Course Title WCU Equivalent Date Updated
ACC100 Applied Accounting TRN199
ACC111 Financial Accounting I ACC201
ACC112 Managerial Accounting ACC202
ACC115 Computerized Accounting TRN199
ACC201 Introduction to Cost Accounting ACC199
ACC202 Introduction to Tax Accounting ACC199
ACC210 Federal Income Tax Accounting Not Transferable
ACC251 Intermediate Accounting I ACC199
ACC252 Intermediate Accounting II Not Transferable
ACC253 Advanced Accounting ACC199
ACC254 Auditing Not Transferable
ADJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice CRJ110 (if C or better)
ADJ110 Substantive Criminal Law I CRJ199 (if C or better)
ADJ111 Procedural Criminal Law II CRJ199 (if C or better)
ADJ120 Principles of Investigation CRJ240 (if C or better)
ADJ130 The Elderly, Crime and the Criminal Justice System CRJ199
ADJ201 Org and Mgmt of Justice Agencies Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ202 Terrorism: History, Threat, and Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ203 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ220 Investigation of Death and Bodil Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ221 Introduction to Criminalistics Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ222 Arson Investigation Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ223 White Collar Crime Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ240 Criminology CRJ210 (if C or better)
ADJ250 Contemporary Police Services Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ253 Comm Relations & The Justice Pra Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ260 Correction-Probation-Parole Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ261 The Youthful Offender SOC353 (if C or better)
ADJ262 U.S. Courts: Contemporary Issue Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ263 Alternatives to Prison Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
ADJ280 Organized Crime and Systematic C. Courses evaluated as a block by Crim. Just. Dept. (maximum of 24 crs.)
AHA204 Computer Application HEA199
AHA206 Reimbursement & Financing HEA199
AHA207 Ethical Legal Aspects HEA199
AHA209 Philosophy of Managed Care HEA199
AHA210 Outcomes Measurement HEA199
AHA213 Managing Utilization and Risk HEA199
AHA217 Quality Improvement HEA199
AHA218 Current Trends and Issues HEA436
AHA221 Pharmacology for Health Care HEA199
AHM100 Orientation to Health Care Not Transferable
AHM104 Body Structure/Function I TRN199
AHM105 Body Structure/Function II TRN199
AHM106 Medical Assistant Techniques and Not Transferable
AHM107 Medical Assistant Techniques and Not Transferable
AHM108 Conditions of Illness I Not Transferable
AHM185 Medical Office Management HEA199
AHM199 Medical Assistant Externship Not Transferable
AHM200 Health-Care Reimbursement Initia Not Transferable
AHM200 Condition of Illness II Not Transferable
AHM203 Risk Mgmt for Allied Health Prof Not Transferable
AHM204 Computer Applications in Allied Not Transferable
AHM205 Fin Mgmt for Allied Health Manag Not Transferable
AHM207 Eth/Legal Asp of Hlth-Care Manag Not Transferable
AHM208 Performance Assessment and Imp Not Transferable
AHM212 Managed Care/Utilization Review Not Transferable
AHM216 Accreditation Processes Not Transferable
AHM220 Allied Health Management Seminar HEA199
AHM226 Medical Machine Transcription HEA199
AHM227 Advanced Medical Transcription HEA199
AHM231 Medical Billing and coding HEA199
AHM232 Advanced Coding & Reimbursement HEA199
AHM233 Medical Terminology HEA199
AHN100 Nursing-Assistant Theory & Practice I HEA199
AHN105 Nursing-Assistant Theory and Pra Not Transferable
AHN106 Multiskilled Tech for X-Trained Not Transferable
AHS100 Surgical Technique I Not Transferable
AHS101 Surgical Technique Practicum I Not Transferable
AHS102 Surgical Technique II Not Transferable
AHS103 Surgical Technique Practicum II Not Transferable
AHS200 Surgical Technique III Not Transferable
AHS201 Surgical Technique Practicum III Not Transferable
AHU100 Health Unit Coordinator Theory a Not Transferable
ARB101 Elementary Arabic I ARB101
ARB102 Elementary Arabic II ARB102
ARC121 Architectural Graphics I ART245
ARC199 Co-Op/Intership Not Transferable
ARC210 CAD for Architects Not Transferable
ARC215 Architectural Design Not Transferable
ARC221 Architectural Graphics II Not Transferable
ARC226 Mechnical & Electrical System Not Transferable
ART100 Art and Childhood Development ECE199 also ART251
ART110 Art History I ARH103
ART111 Art History II ARH104
ART115 History of Graphic Design
ART122 Two Dimensional Design ART111
ART123 Color & Design
ART124 Three-Dimensional Design ART220
ART130 Drawing I ART106
ART131 Drawing II for Graphic Majors ART199
ART136 Drawing as a Design Process ART199
ART140 Painting ART216
ART143 Life Drawing and Painting ART306
ART145 Watercolor Painting ART226
ART150 Printmaking ART241
ART160 Black-and-White Photography I ART 223
ART161 Black-and-White Photography II ART224
ART162 Black-and-White Photography III ART225
ART164 Color Photography I EDM199
ART165 Color Photgraphy II EDM199
ART169 Medium -and Large-Format Photog ART199
ART170 Egyptian Art ARH381
ART203 Histroy of Modern Art ARH386
ART205 Portfolio Prep ART199
ART208 Computer Illustration ART113
ART211 Digital Imaging ART313
ART213 Page Layout ART213
ART215 Typography ART210
ART220 Computer Graph I ART113
ART225 Prepress & Printing Processes ART199
ART227 Web Graphics ART491
ART228 Motion Graphics ART199
ART230 Graphic Design II ART211
ART231 Graphic Design II ART199
ART232 Portfolio Seminar ART199
ART233 Portfolio Prep ART199
ART290 Black & White Photography ART199
BIO100 Biological Science BIO100
BIO110 Introductory Biology I BIO110 (3) & TRN199 (1)
BIO110 Introductory Biology I BIO110 (3) & TRN199 (5)
BIO111 Introductory Biology II TRN199
BIO150 HUMAN ANAT & PHYS I BIO199 (majors =TRN199)
BIO151 HUMAN ANAT & PHYS II BIO199 (majors =TRN199)
BIO200 General Zoology BIO217
BIO205 Human Genetics BIO199 if bio major c- or better TRN199 if less than c-
BIO210 General Botany BIO215
BIO220 Nutrition and Well-Being NTD303
BIO230 Microbiology BIO204 for non-majors, BIO214 for majors if C- or better
BIO290 Tropical Ecology of Belize BIO199
BIO115 Field Ecology in Belize BIO199
BKG100 Principles of Banking Not Transferable
BKG110 Money and Banking ECO199
BKG120 Introduction to Commercial Lendi TRN199
BKG130 Marketing for Bankers MKT199
BKG200 Consumer Lending TRN199
BKG210 Bank Management MGT199
BKG220 Law and Banking BLA199
BKG230 Real Estate Finance FIN199
BUS100 Introduction to Business MGT100
BUS101 Intro to International Business INB199
BUS102 Intro to Electronic Commerce MKT199
BUS103 Businees Processes/Cmptr Tech MIS199
BUS110 Sales and Sales Supervision MKT199
BUS111 Management International En MGT199
BUS125 Purchasing and Procurement Not Transferable
BUS130 Business Communications ENG368
BUS140 Real Estate Fundamentals TRN199
BUS141 Real Estate Practice TRN199
BUS149 Small-Business Management MGT199
BUS151 Small-Business Finance Not Transferable
BUS160 Introduction to Retailing Not Transferable
BUS161 Merchandising Principles Not Transferable
BUS162 Buying Principles and Practices Not Transferable
BUS163 Retail Trends Not Transferable
BUS185 Medical-Office Management Not Transferable
BUS199 College-Sponsored Experiential L Not Transferable
BUS210 Principles of Management MGT200
BUS211 Supervision TRN199
BUS212 Intro to Sport Management TRN199
BUS214 Organizational Behavior MGT199
BUS215 Human-Resource Management MGT199
BUS216 Training and Development MGT199
BUS217 Compensation and Benefits MGT199
BUS218 Employee and Labor Relation MGT199
BUS220 Elementary Statistics ECO251
BUS230 Principles of Marketing MKT200
BUS231 Principles of Advertising MKT199
BUS232 Principles of Finance FIN199
BUS233 Financial Planning FIN200
BUS234 Electronic Marketing MKT199
BUS235 Supply Chain Management MKT199
BUS236 Principles of Sport Marketing Not Transferable
BUS240 Survey of Business Law BLA199
BUS241 Business Law I BLA201
BUS242 Business Law II BLA199
BUS243 The Legal Environment of Busines BLA201
BUS244 Principles of Total Quality Not Transferable
BUS245 Tools of Total Quality Not Transferable
BUS246 Teamwork Not Transferable
BUS247 Organized Change Not Transferable
BUSI100 Introduction to International Bu INB199
BUSI110 Management in the International Not Transferable
CHE100 Chemical Science CHE100
CHE105 Chemistry of the Environment CHE100
CHE106 Introduction to Chemistry CHE100
CHE110 General Chemistry I CHE103/CRL103
CHE111 General Chemistry II CHE104/CRL104
CHE200 Organic Chemistry I CHE231(4)/CRL231(2)
CHE201 Organic Chemistry II CHE232(3)/CRL232(2)
CJ101 Intro to Criminal Justice CRJ110 (if C or better)
CJ108 Criminology CRJ210 (if C or better)
COMM200 Argumentation and Debate COM199
CPT100-260 Not Transferable
DPR100 Introduction to Computers CSC199
DPR103 Computer Literacy Not Transferable
DPR104 Microcomputers and Office Autom Not Transferable
DPR105 Management Information Systems Not Transferable
DPR107 Help Desk Concepts Not Transferable
DPR108 Intro to Computer Science CSC141
DPR110 Program Design and Development TRN199
DPR111 Advanced Office Software CSW199
DPR113 Data-Base Management Systems CST221
DPR114 Microsoft Word Not Transferable
DPR120 COBOL Programming CSC199
DPR121 FORTRAN Programming CSC199
DPR122 Programming in BASIC CSC115
DPR123 RPG Programming Not Transferable
DPR124 Intro to FORTRAN for Eng & Sci CSC199
DPR125 PASCAL Programming CSC199
DPR126 C Programming CSC141
DPR127 Electronic Spreadsheets Not Transferable
DPR135 Advanced PASCAL CSC199
DPR137 Help Desk User Support Skills Not Transferable
DPR140 Opearting Systems CSC199
DPR141 Unix Operating System CSC199
DPR190 Exploratoroy Tous Not Transferable
DPR199 College-Sponsored Experiential Not Transferable
DPR200 Microcomputer Applications CSC199
DPR202 Computer Center Operations Not Transferable
DPR203 JCL and Operating Systems Conce Not Transferable
DPR204 Intro to Enterprise Software Not Transferable
DPR205 Intro toJava Programming CSC199
DPR206 Programming for the Web CSW131
DPR207 Intro to Oracle:SQL CSC199
DPR208 Computer Hardware Operations Not Transferable
DPR209 Intro to Perl Programming CSC199
DPR210 Assembly Language Programming CSC242
DPR212 Data Structures and Algorithms CSC241
DPR215 Network Systems Management Not Transferable
DPR216 Network Service and Support Not Transferable
DPR217 Networking/Communications Not Transferable
DPR218 Advanced Networking and Comm Not Transferable
DPR220 Advanced COBOL CSC199
DPR222 Visual Basic Programming CSC115
DPR223 Visual Basic Programming II CSC317
DPR226 C++ Programming CSC142
DPR227 Intro to PC Support Not Transferable
DPR228 PC Repair and Maintenance Not Transferable
DPR231 Integrated Software Not Transferable
DPR240 Introduction to CICS Not Transferable
DPR245 Data-Base Management Systems CSC199
DRA100 Introduction to Theater THA101
DRA105 Acting Shakespeare THA199
DRA110 Acting I THA103
DRA111 Acting II THA203
DRA112 Voice Enhanement THA199
DRA115 Theater Lab THA199
DRA116 Stagecraft THA104
DRA120 Theater Make-up THA210
DRA130 Voice & Movement THA118
DRA200 Modern Drama THA199
ECE100 Principles of Early-Childhood Ed ECE100
ECE110 Meth & Mats in Early-Childhood E ECE199
ECE111 Meth & Mats in Early-Childhood E ECE232 (class only)
ECE111 Meth & Mats in Early-Childhood EGP322
ECE120 Early-Childhood Education Laborat ECE199
ECE121 Early-Childhood Education Laborat ECE232 (field only)
ECE130 Early-Childhood Development EGP209
ECE131 Obsvng & Rec the Behavior of the ECE199
ECE140 Curriculum Development, Program TRN199
ECE200 Educating the Culturally Differe ECE199
ECE201 Children Families & Comm EGP326
ECE210 Educating the Exceptional Young ECE199
ECE220 Hlth, Safety & Nutr in Early-Chi ECE199
ECE290 Admin of ECE Environments ECE405
ECO210 Macroeonomic Principles ECO111
ECO220 Microeconomic Principles ECO112
EDU110 Introduction to Teaching EDF199
EDU200 Foundations of American Educatio EDF199
EDU205 Strat for Eff Class Mgt TRN199
EDU206 Technology in Education EDM300
EDU207 Foundations of Literacy & Language Not Transferable
EDU215 Theory & Field Exp in Elem Ed PK-4 EGP220
EGR100 Engineering Graphics PHY115 & 116
EGR101 Intro to Engineering Analysis CSC199
EGR150 Engineering Topics Not Transferable
EGR197 Engineerring Thermodydnamics PHY199
EGR200 Engineering Mechanics I Not Transferable
EGR201 Engineering Mechanics II Not Transferable
EGR210 Engineering Circuits I Not Transferable
ELT100-153 Not Transferable
EMS100 Emergency Medical Tech SMD204/ (3) SML204 (0)
EMS200 Pre-Hospital Emergency Care SMD204/SML204
ENG015 Essential Writing Skills I Not Transferable
ENG020 Essential Writing Skills II Not Transferable
ENG050 Developmental Englsih Not Transferable
ENG100 English Composition I WRT120
ENG112 English Composition II WRT200
ENG130 Fundamentals of Journalism I JRN225
ENG131 Fundamentals of Journalism II JRN226
ENG132 Introduction to News Editing JRN250
ENG205 Creative Writing CRW201
ENG206 Creative Writing II Nonfiction CRW305
ENG208 Creative Writing II Short Story CRW303
ENG209 Creative Writing II Poetry CRW301
ENG214 Women in Literature LIT199
ENG215 Mystery Literature LIT199
ENG216 Science Fiction Literature LIT199
ENG220 English Literature to 1800 LIT230
ENG221 English Literature: 1800 to Mod LIT231
ENG222 Introduction to Shakespeare LIT335
ENG225 Modern Chinese ECH199
ENG230 Amer Lit: Shaping the Ideal LIT200
ENG231 Amer Lit: Romanticism to Skepti LIT201
ENG240 World Literature I CLS260
ENG240 World Literature I LIT165 & LIT199
ENG241 World Literature II CLS261
ENG242 The Bible as Literature LIT199
ENG243 Topics in Contemporary Literature LIT199
ENG245 Black American Literature LIT202 or 203
ENG250 Children's Literature LIT219
ESL023 Elementary Grammer Not Transferable
ESL024 Elementary Writing Not Transferable
ESL025 Elementary Reading Not Transferable
ESL026 Elementary Speaking/Listening Not Transferable
ESL033 Intermediate Grammer I Not Transferable
ESL034 Intermediate Writing I Not Transferable
ESL035 Intermediate Reading I Not Transferable
ESL036 Intermediate Speaking/Listening Not Transferable
ESL043 Intermediate Grammer II Not Transferable
ESL044 Intermediate Writing II Not Transferable
ESL045 Intermediate Reading II Not Transferable
ESL046 Intermediate Speaking/Listening Not Transferable
ESS100 Earth Science ESS199
ESS102 Astronomy ESS111 / ESL199
ESS102 Astronomy ESS199
ESS110 Geology ESS101/ESL199
ESS111 Observational Astronomy ESS111 / ESL199
EUS100-202 Not Transferable
FRE101 Elementary French I FRE101
FRE102 Elementary French II FRE102
FRE111 Intermediate French I FRE201
FRE112 Intermediate French II FRE202
FRE201 Advanced French I FRE301
FRE202 Advanced French II FRE302
FST100 Introduction to Fire Protection Not Transferable
FST101 Principles of Fire-Science Admin Not Transferable
FST102 Fire-Prevention Theory and Appli Not Transferable
FST103 Fire and Arson Investigation Not Transferable
FST200 Fire-Operation Strategies Not Transferable
FST201 Fire Protection in Building Cons Not Transferable
FST202 Fire Protection Systems in Indus Not Transferable
FST220 Seminar in Fire-Science Administ Not Transferable
GER101 German I GER101
GER102 German II GER102
GRA121 Three-Dimensional Design ART220
GRA122 Two-Dimensional Design I ART111
GRA123 two-Dimensional Design II ART112
GRA133 Drawing for Graphic Design Maj ART106
GRA134 Drawing II ART199
GRA141 Painting for Graphic Design Majo ART199
GRA163 Photographic Applications in Gra EDM199
GRA199 College-Sponsored Experienteial Not Transferable
GRA200 Illustration ART199
GRA208 Computer Illustration ART113/199
GRA210 Production Techniques ART199
GRA211 Digital Imaging ART313
GRA215 Typography ART210
GRA216 Desktop Publishing I ART213
GRA217 Desktop Publishing II ART199
GRA219 Introduction to Computer Graphic Not Transferable
GRA220 Computer Graphics I ART113
GRA221 Computer Graphics II ART199
GRA228 Motion Graphics ART199
GRA230 Graphic Design ART211
GRA231 Graphic Design II ART199
GRA232 Portfolio Seminar ART199
HIS100 American Civilization AMS200
HIS110 American History I HIS151
HIS120 American History II HIS152
HIS130 Western Civilization I HIS101
HIS140 Western Civilization II HIS102
HIS200 The Civil War and Reconstruction HIS199
HIS201 Afro-American History HIS199
HIS210 Diplomatic History of the United HIS199
HIS224 History of the First World War HIS199
HIS220 History of Europe Since 1914 HIS199
HIS225 History of WW II HIS199
HIS241 A History of Ireland I (to 1607) HIS199
HIS242 A History of Ireland II (1607 to HIS199
HIS250 The Italian Renaissance HIS199
HIS251 The History of Modern China HIS199
HIS252 Women in History HIS199
HIS253 Modern Latin America HIS199
HIS254 World Civilization I HIS101
HIS255 World Civilization II HIS102
HMT100-201 Not Transferable
HRM100 Introduction to the Hospitality Not Transferable
HRM110 Food-Service Sanitation Not Transferable
HRM150 Basic Foods I Not Transferable
HRM151 Basic Foods II Not Transferable
HRM155 Front-Office Management Not Transferable
HRM162 Laws of Innkeeping and Food Serv Not Transferable
HRM199 College-Sponsored Experiential Not Transferable
HRM251 Restaurant Information Systems Not Transferable
HRM253 Food Service Management Not Transferable
HRM254 Quantity Foods and Catering Not Transferable
HRM255 Beverage Management Not Transferable
HUM100 Creativity in the Arts ARH 101
HUM105 Introduction to the Mass Media COM212 or JRN200
HUM110 Humanities and the Arts I ARH199
HUM120 Humanities and the Arts II ARH104
HUM141 Film Language FLM200
HUM142 American Cinema FLM201
HUM160 Introduction to World Religions PHI199
HUM161 Not Transferable
HUM162 Islam PHI220
HUM167 Introduction to Judaism PHI199
HUM168 Buddhism PHI199
HUM170 History and Art of the Book TRN199
HUM171 Western Myths CLS199
HUM173 Eastern Mythology CLS199
HUM199 Co-Op/Intership CSC300
HUM205 Latin-American Perspectives ESP222
HUM280 Honors Course TRN199
HUS101 Introduction to Human Services SWO200
HVA100-204 Not Transferable
IMM100 Interface Design CSC199
IMM110 Intro To Multimedia CSC199
IMM120 Web Page Development CSW131
IMM122 Programming for the Web CSW315
IMM201 Multimedia Design & Dev I ART199
IMM202 Multimedia Design & Dev II CSC199
IMM205 Multimedia Authoring Tools CSC199
INS100 An Introduction to Insurance TRN199
INS210 Evidence and Investigative Princ Not Transferable
INS211 File Management and Negotiations Not Transferable
INS221 Investigation of Death and Bodil Not Transferable
INS222 Arson Investigation Not Transferable
INS223 Fraud Investigations Not Transferable
INS230 Liability Insurance and Claims Not Transferable
INS231 Seminar in Insurance Problems Not Transferable
INS232 Building Losses and Construction Not Transferable
INS233 Est Int of Bldg Losses & Const Not Transferable
INS240 Property Insurance and Claims Ad Not Transferable
INS242 Traffic Accid Invest & Reconstru Not Transferable
INS243 Accident-Cause Analysis Not Transferable
INS244 Workmen's Compensation Not Transferable
INS250 Application of Insurance Law-Pol Not Transferable
INS251 Insurance Litigation Not Transferable
INS252 Insurance Law Not Transferable
INT100 Student Success TRN199
ITA101 Elementary Italian I ITA101
ITA102 Elementary Italian II ITA102
LAT201 Latino-American History HIS199
LST202 Latino Political & Social Issues PSC199
LST203 Latino Culture ESP324
MAT040 Basic Mathematics Not Transferable
MAT060 Developmental Mathematics Not Transferable
MAT100 Intermediate Algebra Not Transferable
MAT105 Business Mathematics Not Transferable
MAT110 Technical Mathematics I Not Transferable
MAT111 Technical Mathematics II Not Transferable
MAT120 Modern College Mathematics I MAT103
MAT121 Modern College Mathematics II MAT199
MAT125 Math for Elementary Teachers I MAT101
MAT126 Math for Elementary Teachers II MAT102
MAT130 Finite Mathematics MAT107 / MAT199
MAT131 Elementary Calculus MAT108 / MAT199
MAT135 Business Precalculus MAT107
MAT136 Business Calculus MAT108
MAT140 College Algebra & Trigonometry I MAT105
MAT140 College Algebra & Trigonometry I MAT110 & MAT199
MAT141 College Algebra & Trigonometry II MAT199
MAT150 Precalculus MAT110
MAT160 Calculus I MAT161
MAT161 Calculus II MAT162
MAT200 Linear Algebra MAT311
MAT210 An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics MAT121
MAT260 Calculus III MAT261
MAT261 Differential Equations MAT343
MCR100 Introduction to Microcomputers Not Transferable
MCR101 Using a Microcomputer Operating Not Transferable
MCR112 Microcomputer Spreadsheet Softw Not Transferable
MCR121 Microsoft Windows 98 Not Transferable
MCR122 Microsoft Word In combination with any 2 MCR courses 122-224=CSW101
MCR123 Microsoft Excel In combination with any 2 MCR courses 122-224=CSW101
MCR124 Microsoft Access In combination with any 2 MCR courses 122-224=CSW101
MCR125 Microsoft Power Point In combination with any 2 MCR courses 122-224=CSW101
MCR126 Netscape In combination with any 2 MCR courses 122-224=CSW101
MCR165 Web Page Dev ART199
MCR222 Advanced Microsoft Word In combination with any 2 MCR courses 122-224=CSW101
MCR223 Advanced Microsoft Excel In combination with any 2 MCR courses 122-224=CSW101
MCR224 Advanced Microsoft Access In combination with any 2 MCR courses 122-224=CSW101
MOS100 Keyboarding I Not Transferable
MOS102 Keyboarding II Not Transferable
MOS151 Word Processing I Not Transferable
MOS152 Work Processing II Not Transferable
MOS200 Office Applications for Computer Not Transferable
MOS202 Microsoft Word for Windos Not Transferable
MOS203 Int. Microsoft Word for Windows Not Transferable
MPT100-208 Police Academy CRJ199
MTT108-230 Not Transferable
MUS100 The Understanding of Music MHL121
MUS101 Fundamentals of Music MTC110
MUS110 Music for Children MUE231 or MUE232
MUS120 Introduction to Music MHL121
MUS121 American Music MHL199
MUS122 Reding and Writing Music MTC110
MUS123 Jazz: From Blues to... MHL125
MUS124 Music Today and Tomorrow TRN199
MUS125 Piano Class I KEM199
MUS126 Piano Class II KEM199
MUS127 Musical Theater THA199
MUS128 Guitar I MUS199
MUS130 Musicianship I MTC199
MUS131 Musicianship II MTC199
MUS140 Performing Class TRN199
NET100 Fund of Networking CSC199
NET110 Network Communication CST235
NET115 MS 2000 Professional CSC199
NET116 MS 2000 Server CSC199
NET117 MS 2000 Directory Services CSC199
NET120 MS 2000 Infrastructure CSC199
NET121 MS 2000 DS CSC199
NET122 MS 2000 Infrastructure Des CSC199
NET123 MS 2000 Migration from NT 4 CSC199
NET230 Network Administration CSC199
NET231 Advanced Network Admin CSC199
NET232 Network 4.1 Design CSC199
NET233 Network Adminstration CSC199
NET234 Advanced Network Admin CSC199
NET240 Network Service and Supp CSC199
NET241 Network Protocols CSC199
NUS100 Nursing I Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS101 Nursing II Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS102 Nursing Mathematics Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS110 Fundamentals of Nursing Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS111 Nursing Concepts and Practice I Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS120 Physical Assessment Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS200 Nursing III Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS201 Nursing IV Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS205 Perioperative Nursing Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS206 Perioperative Nursing Preceptors Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS207 RN First Assistant Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS208 First-Assist Directed Ind Intern Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS210 Nursing Concepts and Practice II Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS211 Nursing Concepts and Practice II Courses evaluated as a block by Nursing Department
NUS215 Basic Arrhythmia Interpretation NSG199
NUS216 Phlebotomy & EKG NSG199
NUS217 IV Skills NSG199
NUS218 Transition Course for Licensed Pratical Nurses NSG199
OFF100 Keyboarding and Doc Process Not Transferable
OFF102 Intro to Word Processing Not Transferable
OFF200 MS Computer Application Not Transferable
OFF202 Microsoft Word I CSW101
OFF203 Inter. Microsoft Word for Windows Not Transferable
OFF215 Professional Development Not Transferable
OFF222 Alphabetic Notehand Not Transferable
OFF225 Electronic Machine Transcription Not Transferable
OFF243 Legal Terminology and Procedures Not Transferable
OFF252 Computerized Office Procedure Not Transferable
OFF253 Integrated Software Applic Not Transferable
OFF254 MS Web Software CSC199
PAS140 Geology ESS101
PHI100 Introduction to Philosophy PHI101
PHI110 Contemporary Moral Problems PHI180
PHI120 Philosophy of Science PHI422
PHI210 Ethics Bus & Prof Life PHI199
PHS100 Physcial Science PHY100
PHS106 Introduction to Physics PHY100
PHS120 Earth Science ESS199
PHS120/130 Earth Science w/Lab ESS199
PHS124 Introduction to Astonomy ESS199
PHS125 Observational Astronomy ESS199
PHS130 Earth Science Lab ESL199
PHS134 Intro. to Astronomy & Astron. Lab ESS111 / ESL199
PHS140 Introduction to Geology ESS101/ESL199
PHS292 Physical Science PHY100
PHY100 Technical Physics I Not Transferable
PHY101 Technical Physics II Not Transferable
PHY110 College Physics I PHY130
PHY110 College Physics I PHY130 & PHY140
PHY111 College Physics II PHY140
PHY131 University Physics I PHY170
PHY131 University Physics I PHY170 & PHY180
PHY132 University Physics II PHY180
PHY200 University Physics III Not Transferable
PLG100 Introduction to Paralegalism Not Transferable
PLG110 Legal Research and Writing I Not Transferable
PLG115 Microcomp. Apps. for Paralegals Not Transferable
PLG120 Legal Research and Writing II Not Transferable
PLG130 Civil Litigation Not Transferable
PLG140 Contract Law BLA199
PLG199 Co-op/Internship TRN199
PLG200 Family/Domestic Relations Law Not Transferable
PLG210 Civil Litigaiton and Tort Prin Not Transferable
PLG211 Civil Litigation and Tort Appl BLA199
PLG220 Real Estate Law Not Transferable
PLG230 Estates. Wills and Trusts Not Transferable
PLG240 Criminal Law Not Transferable
PLG241 Administration law BLA199
PLG242 Business Organizations Not Transferable
PLG243 Bankruptcy Law Not Transferable
PLG244 Labor and Employment Law BLA199
PLG245 Environmental Law Not Transferable
POL100 American Government PSC100
POL110 Introduction to Political Science PSC200
POL120 American National Government PSC100
POL130 American State and Local Govern PSC371
POL140 The American Presidency PSC199
POL200 World Affairs PSC213
POL210 Principles of Public Administration PSC202
POL240 Politics of Modern China PSC199
PSY010 Human Behavior - Basic Not Transferable
PSY050 Human Behavior - Developmental Not Transferable
PSY100 Applied Psychology TRN199 as of 6/10/99
PSY120 Achievement Motivation TRN199
PSY130 Personal and Career Development TRN199
PSY140 General Psychology PSY100
PSY200 Personality Theory PSY257
PSY203 Counseling Skills PSY199
PSY204 Foundations of Addictions HEA103 or PSY490
PSY205 Human Sexual Behavior PSY430 or HEA104
PSY205 Human Sexual Behavior HEA104
PSY210 Life Span Development PSY210,EDE251 or HEA206
PSY215 Industrial Psychology PSY265
PSY220 Abnormal Psychology PSY375
PSY221 Social Psychology PSY254
PSY225 Experiences in Diversity PSY120
PSY235 Educational Psychology EDP250
PSY241 Child Psychology PSY382 or EDE251, EGP210
PSY290 Adulthood and Aging PSY384
REA015 Essential Reading Skills I Not Transferable
REA020 Essential Reading Skills II Not Transferable
REA050 Developmental Reading and Study Not Transferable
REA100 Critical Reading TRN199
RTH100 Respiratory Therapy Principles I HEA210
RTH101 Respiratory Therapy Practicum I HEA199
RTH102 Respiratory Therapy Principles I HEA377
RTH103 Respiratory Therapy Practicum II HEA373+TRN199 (3)
RTH104 Respiratory Therapy Clinical I HEA380
RTH105 Respiratory Therapy Clinical II HEA476
RTH200 Respiratory Therapy Principles III HEA199
RTH201 Respiratory Therapy Practicum III HEA199
RTH202 Respiratory Therapy Principles IV HEA477
RTH203 Respiratory Therapy Practicum IV HEA479
RTH204 Pulmonary Pathophysiology I HEA375
RTH205 Pulmonary Pathophysiology II HEA375
RTH206 Respiratory Therapy HEA479
RUS101 RUS101
SCI100 Man and Environment BIO199 (BIO/Chem-Bio/PPD majors =TRN199)
SCI110 History of Science TRN199
SOC100 Human Relations SOC199
SOC110 Introduction to Sociology SOC200
SOC120 Social Problems SOC370
SOC180 Socilogy of Marriage and the Fa SOC240
SOC199 Co-op/ Internship Not Transferable
SOC200 Research Meth. In Soc. Sci. SOC322
SOC205 Victimology CRJ199
SOC210 Cultural Anthropology ANT102
SOC215 Experiences in Diversity SWO225
SOC219 Sociology of Racism SOC335
SOC220 Social Psychology PSY254
SOC240 Human Geography GEO103
SPA101 Elementary Spanish I SPA101
SPA102 Elementary Spanish II SPA102
SPA111 Intermediate Spanish I SPA201
SPA112 Intermediate Spanish II SPA202
SPA201 Advanced Spanish I SPA301
SPA202 Advanced Spanish II SPA302
SPE050 Developmental Speech Not Transferable
SPE100 Interpersonal Communication COM204
SPE104 Intro to Mass Comm COM212
SPE105 Small-Group Communication SPK199
SPE110 Voice Enhancement COM199
SPE111 Public Speaking SPK208
SPE115 Introduction to Public Relations COM199
SPE120 Interviewing Principles and Prac COM199
SPE200 Argumentation and Debate COM199
TCS100 Contruction Blueprint Reading Not Transferable
TCS108 Construction Supervision Not Transferable
TCS111 Methods and Materials II Not Transferable
TCS112 Methods and Materials II Not Transferable
TCS121 Surveying and Layout I Not Transferable
TCS122 Surveying and Layout II Not Transferable
TCS131 Estimating I Not Transferable
TCS132 Estimating II Not Transferable
TCS141 Construction First-Aid and Safet Not Transferable
TCS199 College-Sponsored Experiential Not Transferable
TDD124 Technical Drawing Not Transferable
TDD126 Detailing and Assembly Not Transferable
TDD199 College-Sponsored Experiential Not Transferable
TDD203 Kinematics Not Transferable
TDD223 Project and Technical Design Not Transferable
TDD225 Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) Not Transferable
TDD226 Intermediate CAD Not Transferable
TDD227 Advanced CAD Not Transferable
TEL101 DC Circuits Not Transferable
TEL102 AC Analysis Not Transferable
TEL110 Electronics I Not Transferable
TEL111 Electronics II Not Transferable
TEL118 Linear Integrated Circuits Not Transferable
TEL121 Digital Electronics Not Transferable
TEL124 Microprocessors I Not Transferable
TEL126 Microprocessors II Not Transferable
TEL128 Computer Systems Electronics Not Transferable
TEL199 College-Sponsored Experientail Not Transferable
TEL200 Electro/Mechanical Systems Not Transferable
TEL202 Biomedical Instrumentation Not Transferable
TEL301 Baisc Telecommunications Not Transferable
TEL302 Radio-Frequency Communications Not Transferable
TEL303 Digital/Data Communications Not Transferable
TME100 Numerical Control I Not Transferable
TME101 Numerical Control II Not Transferable
TME110 Materials Science Not Transferable
TME115 Basic Technical Skills Not Transferable
TME121 Manufacturing Processes I Not Transferable
TME150 Refrigeration Not Transferable
TME160 Air Conditioning Not Transferable
TME199 College Sponsored Experiential Not Transferable
TME200 Robotics I Not Transferable
TME201 Robotics II Not Transferable
TME211 Project Management Processes Not Transferable
TME221 Manufacturing Proceses II Not Transferable
TME226 Strength of Mateirals Not Transferable
TME229 Fluid Power and Controls Not Transferable
TME230 Heat and Power Not Transferable
TME231 Technical Mechanis Not Transferable
TQC130 Total Quality Project Not Transferable
TSO201 Architectural Energy Requirement Not Transferable