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Chobet College

Course Number Course Title WCU EQUIVALENT Date Updated
Chemi 1A General College Chem Che103/Crl103
Chemi 1B General College Chem Che104/Crl104
Chemi 1C General College Chem Che199
Econ 102 Principle Macro Econ. Eco111
Engl 1E Crit Think/ Write WRT120
Engli 1A Comp & Analysis WRT120
Hist 111 Hist Eastern Civil His199
Hist 17B U.S. History His151
Hist 17C U.S. History His152
Histo 17A U.S. History His151
Human 3 Myth-Bible Art Phi199
Human 5 Greek Tragedy Eng199
Id 105 Quant & Qual Resour Trn199
Mass 31A Intro Broadcast Trn199
Math 2A Analyt Geom/ Calc Mat161
Math 46 College Algebra Mat107
Ms 101 Intro to Leadership Mgt199
Ms 102 Fund Mgmt Mgt199
Ms 201 Leadership & Counseling Mgt199
Music 5 Intro Music Mhl121
Philo 2 Intro Ethics Phi180
Psych 1 General Psychology Psy100
Socio 1 Principle Sociology Soc200
Speec 1 Speech Communications Com199
Speec 10 Interpeu Commun Com101
Thtr 236 Acting I Tha103
Thtr 237 Theatre Speech Lab Tha199
Thtr235 Acting Workshop I Tha199