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Cambria County Community College

Course Number Course Title WCU EQUIVALENT Date Updated
ACE100 Portfolio Not Transferable
ACC100 Introduction to Accounting I ACC201
ACC110 Principles of Accounting II ACC202
ACC130 Payroll Accounting TRN199
ACC200 Managerial Accounting TRN199
ACC210 Advanced Accounting ACC199
ACC220 Automated Accounting TRN199
ACC230 Auditing ACC199
ACT110 Overview of the Activity Professio Not Transferable
ACT120 Standards of Practice: Practice o Not Transferable
ACT130 Human Dev in Late Adult Years TRN199
ACT140 Activity Care Planning for Quality o Not Transferable
ACT150 Methods of Service Delivery in Ac Not Transferable
ACT160 Activity Internship I Not Transferable
BKG100 Branch Sales Not Transferable
BKG101 Customer Service Not Transferable
BKG110 Principles of Banking TRN199
BKG120 Law and Bank I Principles TRN199
BKG130 Marketing for Bankers TRN199
BKG140 Consumer Lending TRN199
BKG200 Trust Business TRN199
BKG210 Analyzing Financial Statements TRN199
BKG220 Commercial Lending TRN199
BKG230 Money and Banking ECO199
BKG240 Law and Bank II Applications TRN199
BKG250 Bank Management MGT199
BIO100 General Biology BIO100
BIO101 General Biology Lab BIL199
BUS100 Business Office Procedures Not Transferable
BUS110 Introduction to Business MGT100
BUS120 Business Mathematics Not Tarnsferable
BUS130 Personal COnsumer Finance FIN200
BUS210 Business Law BLA199
BUS220 Small Business Management MGT199
CHM100 General Chemistry CHE100
CHM101 General CHemistry Lab CHE100
CHM200 Environmental Chemistry CHE403
CHM201 Environmental Chemisty Lab CHE403
CHC110 Human Growth & Development I PSY382
CHC120 Child Care Operations Not Transferable
CHC130 Human Growth & Development II PSY210
CHC140 Child Care Practitioner Not Transferable
CIT100 Microcomputer Applications CSC101
CIT160 Modern Programming I CSC115
CIT170 Operating Systems CSC199
CIT200 Database Technology CSC199
CIT240 Modern Programming II CSC141
STU100 College Study Skills EDR110
STU110 Critical Thinking & College Success Not Transferable
COM110 Interpersonal Communications COM101
COM115 Introduction to Communications COM204
COM120 Organizational Communications COM304
COM200 Media and Society COM202
ECO100 Macroeconomics ECO111
ECO110 Microeconomics ECO112
CAD100 Fundamentals of Drafting Not Transferable
CAD110 Working Drawings Not Transferable
CAD120 Introduction to CADD (CADD I) Not Transferable
CAD130 Applied CADD II (CADD II) Not Transferable
CAD140 CADD Appreciation Not Transferable
CAD200 Architectural CADD (CADDII) Not Transferable
CAD210 Systems Adm. (CADD IV) Not Transferable
CIT100 Microcomputer Applications CSW101
CIT101 MS-DOS Operating Systems Not Transferable
CIT102 WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS Not Transferable
CIT103 Microsoft Excel Not Transferable
CIT104 Microsoft Project Not Transferable
CIT105 Microsoft Power Point Not Transferable
CIT106 WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows Not Transferable
CIT107 Word 6.0 for Windows Not Transferable
CIT108 Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows Not Transferable
CIT110 Theory of Computing CSC110
CIT111 Data Processing Not Transferable
CIT115 Guide to the Internet Not Transferable
CIT116 Business Guide to the Internet Not Transferable
CIT120 Mathematics for Computing Not Transferable
CIT130 Local Area Networks Not Transferable
CIT140 Intro to Database Management Not Transferable
CIT150 Desktop Publishing & Presentations Not Transferable
CIT155 Intro to Multimedia Presentations Not Transferable
CIT160 Mod Prog I Structured Programmin CSC115
CIT170 Operating Systems Not Transferable
CIT172 Windows 95 Adm. Not Transferable
CIT175 Network Resources Not Transferable
CIT180 NOVELL Adm I Not Transferable
CIT185 NOVELL Adm II Not Transferable
CIT190 Network Utilities and Add-ons Not Transferable
CIT195 Workstation support Not Transferable
CIT200 Database Technology CSC199
CIT220 UNIX OPerating System Not Transferable
CIT225 Windows NT Management I Not Transferable
CIT227 Windows NT Management II Not Transferable
CIT235 TCP/IP and Interconnectivity Not Transferable
CIT240 Modern Pgmg II Objec Orient Pgmg CSC141
CIT250 Computer Interacing Not Transferable
CIT260 PC Trouble shooting and repair Not Transferable
CIT265 PC Peripheral Trouble shoot & rep Not Transferable
CIT270 NOVELL Installation I Not Transferable
CIT275 NOVELL Installation II Not Transferable
CIT280 Network Trouble shooting Not Transferable
CPT100 PC Basics Not Transferable
CPT102 MS-DOS Essentials Not Transferable
CPT104 Intro to Windows 95 Not Transferable
CPT105 Microsoft Windows Part I Not Transferable
CPT106 Microsoft Windows Part II Not Transferable
CPT133 Intro to Microsoft ACCESS Not Transferable
CPT140 Using Quicken for Windows Not Transferable
CPT170 Microsoft Power Point Not Transferable
CPT180 Guide to Internet I Not Transferable
CPT181 Guide to the Internet II Not Transferable
CPT182 Guide to the Internet III Not Transferable
CPT193 Using Networks Not Transferable
ENG020 Introduction to Composition Not Transferable
ENG110 English Composition I WRT120
ENG111 English Composition II Studies in Lit WRT121
ENG120 Business Letter & Report Writing ENG368
ENG130 Technical Writing ENG371
ENG 140 Creative Writing CRW201
ENG201 Survey of American Literature I LIT200 & LIT201
ENG 202 Survey of American Literature II LIT201 & LIT200
ENG210 Survey of British Literature I LIT230
ENG211 Survey of British Literature II LIT231
EHS100 Environmental Management ENV102
EHS110 Intro to Environmental Technology ENV350
EHS120 Intro to Env. Laws & Reguylations ENV199
EHS200 Prin. of Hazardous Materials Mgmt ENV450
EHS210 Industrial Health and Safety ENV452
EHS220 Hazardous Waste Site Investigati ENV199
EHS240 Field Sampling Quality Control ENV451
ELR200 Air Pollution Laws & Regulations ENV360
ELR210 Hazardous Materials Transportat ENV450
ELR220 Water Pollution Laws & Regulatio ENV462
EVT220 Prin. of Env. Treatment & Control ENV460
EVT230 Ground Water Hydrology ESS439
ISO100 Intro to ISO 14,000 Env. Mgmt Sys ENV199
LIF100 Health & Nutrition HEA199
LIF101 President's Physical Fitness Prog KIN199
LIF110 Personal Finance FIN199
LIF115 Stress Mgmt Principles HEA199
LIF120 First Aid/CPR KIN199
LIF130 Biohazardous Seminar TRN199
HUM100 Intro to Humanities TRN199
HUM105 Intro to Art History ARH101
HUM110 Intro to Philosophy PHI101
HUM120 Philosophy of Religion/Rel Studies PHI 199
HUM130 Introduction to Music MHL121
HUS100 Intro to Human Services EDC462
INS100 Insurance Orientation FIN199
LDR100 Technology, Society and Chnage TRN199
LDR110 Total Quality Management MGT199
LDR120 Management Principles MGT199
LDR130 Leadership Skill, Theory and Prac MGT199
LDR200 Stress Management Applications MGT199
LDR210 Human Resource Management MGT199
LDR220 Principles of Marketing MKT200
MAT040 Consumer Math Not Transferable
MAT050 Arithmetic And Algebra Prog Ins Not Transferable
MAT105 College Algebra and Trigonometry MAT105
MAT110 Precalculus MAT110
MAT200 Probability and Statistics MAT121
MAT210 Calculus MAT108
ASL101 American Sign Language Not Transferable
FRE101 French I FRE101
FRE102 French II FRE102
ITA101 Italian I ITA101
ITA102 Italian II ITA102
SPA101 Spanish I SPA101
SPA102 Spanish II SPA102
PHY110 Applied Physics PHY100
PHY101 Applied Physics Lab PHY100
SPE100 Public Speaking COM101
SPE110 Effective Presentation SKills COM199
CIV100 Western Civilization HIS199
GEO100 World Geography GEO101
GOV100 Intro to Amer Nat Govt PSC100
GOV110 International Politics PSC213
HIS100 US History I HIS151
HIS110 US History II HIS152
HIS115 Cambria County History Not Transferable
HIS120 Family History Not Transferable
PSY100 General Psychology PSY100
PSY110 Psychology of Aging PSY384
SOC100 Introduction to Sociology SOC200
SOC110 Contemporary Social Problems SOC370