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Recovery of Class Time Due to Snow: 2014

Due to the significant number of class days that have been missed in a record-breaking winter storm season, the university needs to make up for lost instructional time. A set of guiding principles were developed from which a final plan of action was created. The guiding principles were:

  1. A need for flexibility and understanding from faculty and students regarding expectations due to the extenuating circumstances
  2. Maintaining a full week of spring break
  3. Maintaining the scheduled dates for the end of the semester and commencement
  4. Ensuring that course competencies and student learning objectives are met

Utilizing those principles, the following plan was developed:

  1. Final exam week will be converted to a week of instruction. Again, this is due to the extenuating circumstances we are facing regarding the loss of instructional time. Classes will meet as usual during the final week of the semester, Monday through Friday (May 5 through 9) and exams or regular class work (as determined by the instructor) can be completed during this week during regularly scheduled class times. This will allow us to have undergraduate commencement on the already scheduled date of May 10, 2014 and graduate commencement on the already scheduled date of May 12, 2014.
  2. Four Saturdays have been identified as potential make-up days for those courses where time in class (or labs) is essential to meeting course competencies and student learning objectives. These Saturdays include March 29, April 12, April 19, and April 26. Instructors will work with the Registrar's Office to arrange times and class locations as needed. Faculty will let students know if their particular course needs to meet on any of these Saturdays bearing in mind that accommodations may need to be made for students with unavoidable conflicts. Faculty will also let students know about their plans for each course in terms of ensuring that course competencies and student learning objectives are met.
  3. Faculty will continue to be encouraged to consider online teaching methodologies and/or out of class assignments to ensure that course competencies and student learning objectives are being met.
  4. For students in courses where the final exam was at a common time with other sections (such as certain accounting, math and language courses), individual faculty will provide students with further details about exams.

With so many days lost and the possibility that more winter weather could occur, we ask for everyone’s patience and cooperation as we implement a plan aimed at disrupting schedules as little as possible while ensuring that course student learning outcomes and competencies can be achieved by the end of the semester. Please note that under this plan neither spring break nor the spring commencement dates will be impacted.