Office of the Registrar

West Chester University

Contact Info
Kershner Student Service Center
25 University Avenue
West Chester, PA, 19383
Phone: 610-436-3541
Fax: 610-436-2370

Registrar Forms

Forms can be viewed and downloaded as a pdf from your web browser (right-click and "Save Link As") and filled out electronically using Adobe Acrobat (get it free here). All signatures must be obtained in person. Once completed, please bring forms to the Registrar's Office, Ground Floor of the Kershner Student Service Center at 25 University Ave.

Mac users: We ask that you do not use Mac Preview to submit this pdf form--your information will not be easily accessible for our Windows-only staff. Please use Adobe Acrobat (get it free here) to fill out the forms.

Change of Address (myWCU) All current WCU students must use the myWCU portal to change their local address. Please see the "Change my Address" link under the "Useful Links" section. No forms will be accepted to change current students' local addresses.

Change of Bio/Demo Information

Change your personal information. Former students can opt to change their address via myWCU or via this form.

Current WCU students: You cannot use this form to change your local address. You must use myWCU to change your local addresses.

Non-Disclosure of Directory Information Request Restrict Directory information.
PASSHE Residency Classification Data Collection Request to change residency status from out-of-state to in-state.
Transcript Request (pdf form) Transcript order form for students who attended WCU prior to 1985.
Transcript Request (online form) Transcript order form for students who attended WCU from 1985 through the current semester. Ordered through myWCU.
Undergraduate Replacement Diploma Request Order a replacement diploma. Processing time is approximately 6 weeks.
Add Closed Course Enroll in a closed course during registration or drop/add period. Requires Department Chair signature.
Add Overload Credit Request Exceed credit load of 18 hours in Fall/Spring or 7 hours in Summer/Winter. Must have GPA of 2.75 or higher.
Course Audit Audit a course (no GPA grade/non-credit).
Credit by Examination Earn credit for a course by completing an exam or other form of assessment.
Grade Mailer Request Request a Grade Mailer for employer tuition reimbursement.
Independent Study/Individualized Instruction Study a subject area working independently with a faculty instructor.
Pass/Fail Course Request Take a course pass/fail.
PASSHE Distance Education Application Apply to take a distance education course from another PASSHE institution.
PASSHE Visiting Student Application Apply for PASSHE visiting student status.
Undergraduate Credit for Graduate Course Enroll in a graduate course for undergraduate credit.
Undergraduate Term Withdrawal This form should only be used for complete withdrawal from West Chester University for the term indicated. All courses will be withdrawn from your record and given a grade of “W” for the indicated term. Military withdrawals will be given an “M” for the indicated term.
Change of Major Change your major.
Dual Degree


Add a second major that has a different degree than first major (e.g., BA Political Science and, BS Economics). Requires a minimum of 150 credits.
Dual Major Add a second major with the same degree (e.g., BA Philosophy and BA History). Requires a minimum of 120 credits.
Minor Add a minor.
Remove Dual Major or Degree Removal of dual major/degree.
Remove Minor Remove a minor.
Certificate in Computer Security Apply to or Remove Computer Security Certificate program.
Certificate in Education for Sustainability Apply to or Remove Certificate in Education for Sustainability program.
Teacher Certification For students earning a BA in: History, Languages and Cultures, Political Science, and Geography; or BSEd in Special Education with a Certification in General Science.
Transfer Credit Appeal Request re-evaluation of transfer credit.
Transfer Credit Permission Obtain permission to take courses at another institution.
Petition For Exception to Policy Request to waive a university academic policy due to unexpected, extenuating circumstances.
Course Substitution Request Form Request permission to use a non-approved course to fulfill an I, J, W, Culture Cluster, or General Education Distributive requirement.