Multicultural Faculty Commission

  West Chester University

Tonya Thames Taylor
309 Main Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610-436-2970

Committee Members

Richeleen Dashield
Director Social Equity

Jim Trotman
Director of Fredrick Douglass Institute

Bhim Sandhu
Department of Political Science

Tonya Thames Taylor
Chair of the Multicultural Faculty Retreat Planning Committee

Jerry Williams
Chairman, Foreign Languages

Advisory Board Members

Timothy Brown
Department of Communication Studies

Wei Wei Cai
Department of Elementary Education

Idna Corbett
Director, LARC; Professor of Educational Services
Interim Dean of Academic and Program Services (APS)

Anita Foeman
Department of Communication Studies

Mildred C. Joyner
Social Work

Gustave Mbuy
Department of Biology

Gopal Sankaran
Department of Health

Lori Vermeulen
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

MFC Newsletter Editor
Karyn Usher
Department of Chemistry

Annual Retreat Planning Committee

John Hanson
Department of English

Awilda Reyes
Department of Liberal Services