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Video Purchase Policy


Effective immediately, all purchase requests (APRs) for prerecorded videos must be sent to the Instructional Media Center at Francis Harvey Green Library for review and counter signature prior to sending to the Purchasing Department for processing.


  • All purchase requests for prerecorded video titles shall be sent to the Instructional Media Center (IMC) at the F.H. Green Library for review and counter signature, before the request may be processed by the Purchasing Department.
  • The IMC review will require approximately three working days.
  • Following approval by appropriate fund/org authority of your department, please send your purchase request(s) directly to the IMC.
  • The IMC shall, following its review, forward the request to the Purchasing Department for further processing, and shall prescribe that all inbound deliveries of videos to the campus come via the IMC.
  • On receipt of videos the IMC/Library will catalog the video title and either hold it in the IMC for circulation, or send it to the requesting department with location information included in PILOT.
  • This policy and its related procedures are effective immediately. The process shall undergo review after the first full year of implementation.

Approved by Library Advisory Committee, 4/16/98
Approved by WCU Department Chairs, 4/29/99
Original Purchasing Department Policy Issue Date:04/06/1999