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Employers Looking for Interns

EmployersCongratulations. If you have come to West Chester University looking for an intern then you have already had success. WCU students are talented and engaged, and bring to any company a wealth of expertise in new technologies and applied learning. These pages will help you to find the right person to meet your specific needs.

Making an Intern Program Work for Your Company, Agency, or Organization

In difficult economic times, it is important that companies and organizations bring on board the cream of the crop among college-educated, entry–level employees. An internship program is the best way for employers to build a pipeline of talented, young, already trained new hires.

"For an employer, it's like having an extended interview with a job candidate," says Camille Luckenbaugh, (NACE's) research director. ..."When a student has a good internship experience, it can build loyalty to an employer. Screening well and finding students who are well matched to their jobs can help out with retention later on." (source)

Having interns does involve a level of commitment from employers but the benefits to employers are significant. In fact, studies show that a qualified manager can gain 225 full 8-hour workdays in a calendar year from intern support.

Your Role

As a company or organization offering an internship to a WCU student, it is your role to provide a learning environment and be a resource to the student. Most departments will ask that you provide periodic feedback to the student and to the department to track student learning outcomes and evaluate intern performance. Employers must work with individual department Internship Coordinators to set out a path to follow during the course of the student internship.

Departmental Contacts

It is important to make connections between specific jobs and interns. It may not be that the department that an employer contacts will see a direct link between the work offered and their program. Employers are encouraged to read through department descriptions to ensure that they are contacting the right department.

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Liability Insurance Coverage for Students

West Chester University does not provide nor purchase liability insurance coverage for students serving in an intern program or fieldwork experience. Because many host organizations require that interns have liability or malpractice insurance, students need to personally purchase intern liability insurance when required to do so by the cooperating institution/agency/company.

In addition, the University should NOT be listed as a named insured on the student's personal policy. This is between the student and the host site only. University personnel must be careful not to designate or appear to endorse a particular insurance policy or carrier.

While the University does not (and cannot) purchase malpractice insurance for students, WCU can require internship students to purchase insurance to participate in a certain program or field experience. Each Dean has the ability to review and determine whether the time is right to require students to have malpractice insurance in place for programs or fieldwork within their academic purview.

The Dean, Chairs, and/or faculty should make students aware of the potential liability they may incur while completing an internship or field experience, reiterating that the University does not insure student interns, and the exposure each student may incur if they do not have obtain such liability coverage.

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