Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Development Guide

WCU Center For International Programs


Dear Faculty, Eleuthera

West Chester University typically offers approximately twenty short-term international faculty-led study abroad programs each year, including both for-credit and non-credit options.

CIP is home to a centralized process for all faculty-led study abroad programs.  Centralization was a necessary step for WCU and provides the following benefits:

  • Risk management alleviation for both faculty leaders and students.
  • Assistance with promotion of all programs through the CIP website and on-campus events to both WCU and non-WCU students.
  • Collection of necessary data for reporting to PASSHE, IIE (Institute of International Education) and the Jeanne Cleary Act. 
  • Assistance with the development of sustainable, successful programming.

WCU’s Center for International Programs (CIP) can work with faculty to identify and contract with universities abroad or third-party service providers who can build onsite structures to meet the program’s academic goals and needs.

Soon CIP will begin accepting proposals for all 2015 programs, and a program proposal form will be located at the "Program Proposal" tab on the left.

All students are required to pay a $100 study abroad fee. In certain cases, the fee may be waived because the student has been invited to give a performance, display their artwork, participate in a service learning project,or present their research and no course credit is involved. Faculty/students should contact CIP if they think that their program is eligible for waiver consideration.

**When planning a program to country with a travel warning or embargo, for example Cuba or Mexico, please contact CIP more than 12 months before the start date.

Thank you for your interest in leading a study abroad program and for your efforts towards greater internationalization of West Chester University!


Jeff Conradi, Project Director