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West Chester University

How to Start a WCU Website

Hello and welcome! You are no doubt here because you want a web page for your department; that's great! There are a few details we must go over before the process of creating your website can begin.

  • In order to request a website you must have the support/permission from your department chair or VP.
  • If you already have a website that is currently being supported by a third party, and now you want it to be hosted by West Chester University, please use the Request for Services Forms to send us your request.
  • If you are representing a student organization please go through the WCU Student Organization's website at http://iws.wcupa.edu/orgs/contact.html

If you are redesigning your site or starting a new one please continue reading for some valuable information regarding this process.

Building Your Ideas

Before the process of building you a website can begin, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who will be using your web site? Who is your audience?
  • Why do you want people to come to your web site? What information is your audience looking for?
  • What information is most important for these visitors to know?
  • How would you like to set up your navigation? What pages do you want to link to and in what order?

Send Us Your Request

After you have thought about what you want on your website please contact us. Here's how:

We will set up an appointment with you to go over all your ideas in person. During this meeting we will tell you which of your ideas are feasible and make recommendations if they are not. We always try to accommodate requests to the best of our abilities. Our goal is to create a website which accommodates your users and markets your services the best.

During this meeting we will also discuss a time frame which we will work with and provide you with a list of items which the web team will need to get started. The amount of content and complexity of services on your site will determine the amount of time it takes to build.


Due to West Chester University policy all WCU websites must be hosted on WCU's servers, so that all of your web pages' URL will begin with www.wcupa.edu/. If you would like to have a shorter "quick" URL, please refer to the Additional Services section.

Please note: You cannot go to GoDaddy.com or any other web domain service and register a domain name for your WCU site.


Websites hosted by West Chester University are supported with many security features to prevent down time and security breaches. Our test server is only accessible on campus and our live server resides behind a firewall. Our live server is copied nightly to prevent data lose due to server failure. There are currently two versions of our live server running to minimize potential down time.