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West Chester University

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host my website off-site?

For security and organizational reasons we do not allow users to use third party hosting.

Can I have my own URL?

WCU regulations prohibit the use of custom URLs from domain name services such as GoDaddy.com. If you would like to have a shorter or different domain name please read about our quick URL service offerings here.

What are the advantages of staying on the WCU server?

Websites hosted by West Chester University are supported with many security features to prevent down time and security breaches. Our test server is only accessible on campus and our live server resides behind a firewall. Our live server is copied nightly to prevent data lose due to server failure. There are currently two versions of our live server running to minimize potential down time.

All pages on WCU's sever are searchable from the search bar found on the main page.

How can I get in contact with a web administrator?

You can contact the web team by:

  • Email Kimberly Slattery: kslattery@wcupa.edu
  • Call Kimberly Slattery: 610-436-0043
  • Use the Request for Services Forms

What technology classes do you offer?

WCU Client Services offer many technology classes. Click here to see the monthly agenda for all scheduled classes.

How do I design a website?

The web team offers a complete guide on how to design a website here.

Do I need to know HTML to maintain my website?

No, we provide you with software that will make editing your website as easy as editing a Word document.

What is Contribute?

Adobe Contribute is a powerful content management system for the web. It allows multiple specified users to add or remove text, pages, documents, images, videos, and audio on your website.

Contribute functions like a web browser with a built in word processor. Users can view web pages and make changes to their website while browsing.

Once you have a website established, you and anyone you specify may have Contribute installed on their computers to help manage your website.

Can I use Images on my website?

Yes, the use of images is allowed on your website. If you would like to have images on your website you must send them to the web team so they can be prepped for use on the web. To read more about this process please read the guide on images here.

Can I have a blog?

Due to current legal issues, West Chester University cannot support open blogging or forums. We do however encourage one way blogging and third party options such as https://www.blogger.com/ for open blogging. A link can be provided on your web page to direct users to your blog or forum.