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Additional Services

Website Analytics

The web team tracks statistics for the University's website as a whole. However, if you would like to know traffic statistics for your specific site, they can be requested.

The Web Team uses Google Analytics and StatCounter for this task. The most common data used is the number of page views your website receives. This data is collected every day and can be viewed by day, week, month, or year. The Web Team will establish an account for you in either Google Analytics or StatCounter so that you can view your own web statistics at any time. It should be noted that page views are just one of many statistics available from these services.

Online Forms

Online forms are available for your website upon request. Online forms collect data from users. This data can be stored in a database and exported into an excel spread sheet for further use. Online forms can be found all over the internet. Below is an example of an online form:

Title of Form

This is a text box:

These are checkboxs:

These are radio buttons:

This is a textarea:

This is a file input:

This is a button:

Online forms can be set up one of two ways. One way is through an email notification system where any time someone fills out a form, the data from that form is sent through email to a designated recipient. The other way is through the use of a database where all data from the form is sent into a database where the results can be viewed at any time by specified users.

Quick URLs

Quick URLs are shorter, easier to remember web addresses that take users to your website. For example, the housing department website is located at http://www.wcupa.edu/_services/stu.lif/. This may be difficult for users to remember; however the housing department has a quick URL of www.wcupa.edu/housing. Users can easily find the housing department because of its short and logical web address.

It should be noted that it is West Chester University policy for all websites to begin with http://www.wcupa.edu/. You cannot go to GoDaddy.com or any other web domain service and register a domain name for your site.

Google Search

West Chester University owns a Google search appliance, which results in faster and more customized searches. It is limited to searching only web pages and documents that reside on the WCU server. A custom search box for your website is avaible uponrequest.


The web team can take photographs for you to use on your website upon request. The web team can also resize, crop, and compress images for use on the web. If you require this service please send us your request.


The web team offers the creation of custom flash files (.swf) upon request.

Unique Headers

Any department may use a unique header for their website upon request. Some examples of websites with unique headers can be found at the graduate studies website and the provost site. Unique Headers provide a unique look for your website that will distinguish it from others.