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West Chester University

Richard A. Jackson
ResNet Central Manager
Ground Floor Brandywine Hall Rm 003
West Chester, PA 19383
Fax: 610-738-0591

Shipping Laptops
  • If you don't have a box to ship your unit, please take your laptop, AC adapter and battery to a UPS Store or FedEx/Kinkos and have it professionally boxed. FedEx has boxes designed for shipping laptops.
  • Make sure you DO NOT place the ac adapter on top of the laptop as it can break the LCD screen during shipping. Place it beside the laptop in the shipping box.
  • Wrap your laptop in bubble wrap or fill with packing peanuts to make sure the laptop doesn't slide around or bounce during shipping.
  • If you are sending us your laptop because of software or possible bad hard drive issues, please be sure to send the original CD/DVD that came with your computer.
  • Be sure to print your Name, Student ID number and Phone number and enclose it in the box.
  • Enclose a PREPAID RETURN SHIPPING LABEL from a UPS Store or FedEx/Kinkos

Any questions, please call WCU ResNet Central at 610-436-2660