Information Services


Adel Barimani, CIO
Vice President for Information Services
Anderson Hall Room 23
West Chester University

Mission and Values Statement

The Mission of the Information Services Division is to provide a services-based infrastructure for information sharing and communication that is focused on teaching, scholarship, and service within a learning community. The Information Services Division offers practical academic and administrative technology solutions to shape the future of technology implementation in a manner that supports the mission, goals and objectives of the University. The division is also responsible to ensure that all technology implementations be aligned with institutional mission in all aspects of information technology planning.


  • To make technology available, understandable and  useable by all the diverse constituents on campus
  • Be open and ready to adapt to change in new technologies
  • Maintain an attitude of cooperation and teamwork within and outside of the division
  • Enhance and support education through computing and information technologies
  • Demonstrate a commitment to professionalism in all service offerings
  • Be service-oriented in all areas of responsibilities to all constituents
  • Maintain flexibility to meet the needs of the University and its constituents
  • Enhance communication to campus on all aspects of Technology Services