WCU's Learning Management System




  • Q: How do I log into D2L?+
    A: You can log into D2L from the WCU homepage ( Choose the D2L tab and enter your username and password. (This is the same username and password you use for your WCU email and your myWCU).
  • Q: Are there any other tools available in D2L that don’t show in the navigation bar?+
    A: Absolutely! There are many tools available in D2L that are not in the default course shell. Some of these tools include: Attendance, Checklist, Surveys and many more! Please schedule a one-on-one with one of the D2L Services staff to learn more about these tools.
  • Q: Is there training available for Faculty?+
    A: Training is scheduled each month through the Software Application Training team. To view the training Calendar for this month, click here.
  • Q: The training schedule doesn’t fit with my schedule; can I come in for a one-on-one?+
    A: Not a problem! We do ask that you come prepared with your specific questions or knowing which specific D2L tool you would like to learn.
  • Q: How do I get support?+
    A: During regular business hours* you can reach the D2L team via telephone @: 610.436.3350 option 2. You can also stop in the D2L Services office in Anderson 020. You may submit a Trouble Ticket anytime. After hours you can contact our after-hours support line @: 877.730.6235.

    *Regular Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm
  • Q: Are there any tutorials available?+
    A: We currently have documentation available for Faculty members here to help set up certain tools in D2L. We are working on expanding our documentation as well as producing video tutorials. Student tutorials are also in the works.
  • Q: What are the recommended browsers?+
    A: For the best experience in D2L we recommend using Mozilla Firefox for a PC. You can download Mozilla Firefox by visiting the Firefox website. If you are using a Mac please use Safari.
  • Q: I teach multiple sections of the same course. Can I combine them into one?+
    A: You can combine multiple sections of a course into one. Please fill out the combine course request form and send it to the D2L team. Please note that we do not accept course combine requests after the first week of the semester.
  • Q: Is there a mobile application for D2L?+
    A: Yes, however WCU has not implemented it with our D2L as of yet. When you navigate to D2L on your Smart Phone you will be brought to the D2L Mobile site for easier navigation.
  • Q: Is there a recommended size for my D2L files? +
    • D2L E-mail:
      Maximum Attachment Size Limit: 10 MB
      Maximum Message Size Limit: 10 MB
    • Locker: Maximum File Size Limit: 5 MB
      Maximum Total Storage space: 20 MB
      Group Locker Maximum Total Storage space: 20 MB
    • Dropbox: Recommended File Size Limit: Less than 20 MB
      Maximum Total Storage space: unlimited
    • Content: Recommended File Size Limit: Less than 20 MB
      Maximum Total Storage space: unlimited