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Clickers at WCU


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Have questions about using clickers? Need help getting started?

  • Come to a workshop through SAT Training.
  • Visit the Digital Corner
  • Contact Theresa Boppell, who will tell you about clickers, get you started and support you all along the way as you integrate them into your classes.


Obtaining clickers for your class:

  1. Notify the bookstore of the courses that will require the Turning Technologies Response Card RF and an estimated enrollment. Contact: Erica Considine x2242.
      NOTE: If considering using self-paced polling regularly in class, request the ResponseCard NXT from the bookstore for students to purchase.
  2. Request an Instructor Kit if this is the first time you are using the Turning Technologies system. The kit includes a RF+ receiver w/4GB storage and TurningPoint software, a PresenterCard and ResponseCard RF LCD. Instructor Kit request form: Bookstore Order Form
  3. First Day of Class Resources

Or Have a short term need for clickers?  Request a loaner set for check-out. Contact Theresa Boppell.


To Begin Using the clickers and software:

  1. Plug the Receiver into a USB port on your computer. Launch the TurningPoint software from the appropriate folder; TurningPoint Mac or TurningPoint PC on the device. The TurningPoint dashboard will display providing an interface to polling, content or participant management and a TurningTalk resource link. Note: The Receiver hosts the software and can be used to store session data.
  2. Follow this guide to begin using TurningPoint within PowerPoint, any application or self-paced testing. Note: This guide is also available on the receiver.
  3. Follow the steps WCU Desire to Learn and Turning Technologies Guide to create participant lists from D2L rosters, synchronize clicker devices ids with participant lists and to export session scores from TurningPoint for import into D2L.

Software Updates

  1. Turning Point Software Updates are accessed via the Turning Point dashboard. Follow this guide to update your Turning Point Software. Contact Theresa Boppell in the Digital Corner for assistance.


For additional assistance:

Theresa Boppell
Educational Technologist