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Equipment Request

Click the button that corresponds to the equipment you will be purchasing.

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There are standards and protocols for the university supported hardware. Maintaining these standards and regulations is a joint effort between Purchasing and Information Services (IS).  Please see below for specifics on purchasing.

Hardware Requests
The purchase of university supported laptops (Windows/ Mac), desktops (Windows/ Mac), tablets and monitors must be completed through the online equipment request form.  Once the online request form is submitted and approved, the IT Help Desk will then submit the requisition for the equipment and notify the department once the equipment has arrived and is configured to university standards.  This process is critical for WCU to image, inventory, and service the equipment. In situations that require rapid response, the IT Help Desk will do everything to expedite the request. 

The purchase of university supported printers may be done from any vendor as long as the printer being purchased is from the university supported printer list, which can be found at http://www.wcupa.edu/InfoServices/clientservices/supportedhardware.asp

Peripheral Requests
Departments may purchase peripherals such as batteries, adapters, fuser, external hard drives, etc. from any vendor.  If you are purchasing accessories for Apple products you may purchase from any vendor EXCEPT Apple.com or Apple retail locations (due to legal contracting issues).  If a product is required and is only sold by Apple complete the online equipment request form.

Please note: e-reqs will not be processed by purchasing for hardware requests that do not follow the outlined process.  If you have questions concerning IT equipment purchases, please contact the IT Help Desk (helpdesk@wcupa.edu).  

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