Digital Media Center

West Chester University

005 Brandywine Hall
West Chester, PA 19383


Equipment Loans

Equipment loans are handled through the Digital Media Center for faculty and staff. By visiting the DMC and filling out an Equipment Request Form, you have access to a wide and versatile assortment of equipment

Event Videography

Event Videography is the art of capturing campus and special events onto video. On-location videography with a camera operator and equipment is available for events on campus. Please fill out an Event Request Form or call (610) 436-2737 and we can let you know if we can accommodate your request.

Sound Recording

The DMC studio offers WCU faculty and staff a unique setting for any audio project. Mastering and recording professional quality audio can be done in the DMC studio.

Sound System Set-up and Reinforcement

The DMC offers sound system support of every shape and size to WCU staff and faculty. Basically there are two types of sound systems: large sound systems and portable sound systems. Please contact us at (610) 436-2737 or fill out an Event Request Form and we will determine what type of sound system is needed for your event.

Studio Production

The TV Studio and Control Room are available for University classes, class related assignments, live television productions, recording live to tape or for recording raw footage for a video presentation.


The DMC has the capabilities to transfer/duplicate a number of different formats. Specializing in VHS to DVD, miniDV to DVD and cassette to CD, other formats can be transfered as well (such as LP and laser disc).

Video Editing

The Editing Lab and software is available to faculty, staff, and students enrolled in communications classes.