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One Great Learning Experience Leads to Another

Retreats... Seminars... Staff Meetings... Teleseminars... Videos... Online Learning and a Radio Show!  Learning comes in many forms for WCU employees.  Scott Sherman and Molly Nece have over 80 different seminars and workshops that can be taken into businesses, universities, school districts, government agencies, and non-profits.  They also enjoy equipping leaders with the skills and instruction to facilitate their own retreats.  CLICK for a sample listing (PDF).

WATCH Molly in action as she equips others with "The Secret of Knowing How and When to Adapt Your Communication Style" using the SELF Profile at a retreat for WCU's Enrollment Services.  WATCH how this department gets into the "Egg Drop: Facing Uncertainty with a Can Do Attitude!"

This is what some of our clients has to say about Molly Nece, a highly trained and talented instructional designer, facilitator, and director of training.

  • Participants will definitely be inspired and uplifted from Molly's expertise and her ability to bring a diverse group together and help to strengthen the team.
  • Molly is an excellent facilitator.  She is always respectful, listening to every person's comments like they are the only person in the room, but at the same time, she knows how to weave comments and suggestions together to make everyone feel valued.  She is very good at what she does!
  • Whether your division has 5-10 or 20+ members, I highly recommend Molly facilitating any retreat.  Her personality brings out the best in any group and she has the ability to even get the quietest person anywhere to speak-up, participate and to share his/her insights.
  • Molly usually starts with something humorous, or finds a way for you to find out info about a co-worker that you would not normally know about him/her. Through her team building and trust building exercises, she encourages us to agree to disagree on any given subject without losing your head (or job).  I highly recommend Molly for any office retreat. 
  • Molly always makes it fun… it’s really team building!