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Important Information and Forms Faculty and Staff Payroll

2012 Paydays and Holidays
2012 Payroll Processing Schedule (EXCEL)
2012 Record of Absence (EXCEL)


2011 W2 Information

Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • forms
  • helpful tax info
  • FAQ's
LST Tax Refund Application (PDF)

Additional Employment Information

Address Change Form

Associated Employee Request Form (DOC)

Detailed Time Record: Coaches(EXCEL)

Detailed Time Record (EXCEL)

Direct Deposit Form (DOC)

Distance Education Reimbursement FORM

Distance Education Reimbursement GUIDELINES

Dual Compensation Policies (PDF)

Dual Compensation Guidelines (DOCX)

Dual Compensation Request Form

Dual Compensation for the State System (PDF)

Emergency Contact Information (DOC)

Federal Withholding Form (W4)

Higher Class Authorization Form (EXCEL)

I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

Student Payroll Payroll & Organization Tip

Student Payroll Request Form

Guidelines for Student Payroll Request Form

Student Payroll Schedule and TimeSheet Due Dates

Fall 2011 and Spring/Summer/Fall 2012 Student Payroll Schedule and TimeSheet Due Dates

Direct Deposit Form (DOC)

1.Print out the Direct Deposit Form
2.*Completly fill out the form
3.Write "Void" on a personal check
4.Bring the form and your voided check to Human Resources.

It is good practice to keep all your pay stubs for a minimum of two years. A good place to store them is with your prior year’s taxes.

Military Conversion Time Chart (PDF)

How to Read Your Paycheck (PDF)

Summer Camp Forms Payroll Contacts

Personnel Action Sheet Summer Camps (DOC)

Summer Camp Hire Form (DOC)

Marlene Civitella-Vining, Payroll Manager

Carol Roney, Faculty/ Staff Payroll

Tanya Amanto, Student Payroll

Celeste Wigley, Student Payroll