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West Chester, PA 19383

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Fax: 610.436.3464


Phillies Game

Phillies 1

Left to Right: Ken Bronson (Public Safety), Al Shuler (Public Safety), Greg Dero (Facilities)

Phillies Game

Left to Right: Terri Dero (Library), Linda Udovich (Human Resources), Ray Stevenson (Public Safety), Marilyn Schier (Public Safety)

Phillies 3

Left to Right: Deb Murray (Dean's Office, College of Health Sciences), Linda Morrow (Nursing)

Phillies 4

Left to Right: Grace Kelly (President's Office), Mallieen Steimel (Information Center)

Phillies 5

Rick Bowman (Boiler Plant)

Phillies Game 6

Scott Sherman (Organizational Development)

Phillies Game 7

Left to Right: Terri Dero (Library), Terry Beattie (Athletics), Linda Udovich (Human Resources), Charlie Warner (Student Leadership & Involvement), Ray Stevenson (Public Safety)


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