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West Chester, PA 19383

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Employee Photo Gallery

New Employee Welcome

New Employee Welcome
Left to Right: Ruth Ann Batten (Judicial Affairs & Student Assistance), Rui Li (Distance Education & Outreach), Linda Slack (Geology & Astronomy), Kenneth Witmer (College of Education), President Greg Weisenstein, Michele Zalno (Admissions), Joseph Watts (Digital Media Center), Laurie Moran (Art) and Gabe Sauvie (Registrar)

Public Safety

Public Safety's Mike Vining (Left) and John DiSpaldo (Right) preparing for hurricane Irene


Print Shop

Lewis Merkins hard at work in the Print Shop


Web Design

The Web Design Team
Left to Right: Juli Szonntag, Kim Slattery and Bob Truitt


President's Office

President's Office Staff Meeting
Left to Right: Larry Dowdy, Mallieen Steimel, Becky Hook, Kate Pawlowski, Andi Hubbard, Winifred Hayek and Grace Kelly


Library Administration

Library Administration
Left to Right: Nancy Shipe, Terri Dero, Adele Bane and Dick Swain


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