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Payroll Updates

(Please review your paycheck to ensure the correct address is listed).


    • Minor holidays earned but not taken throughout the year are used for the holidays between Christmas and New Year’s. Deferred Holidays will be applied on 12/27, 12/28 and 12/29. University employees wishing to take off on 12/30/11 will need to submit leave time to cover that day. Payroll will be running a post- holiday leave audit for unapproved time.
    • If an employee works the holiday or 12/30/11, an email will need to be sent to Carol Roney and Marlene Civitella-Vining indicating that the day was worked.  If an employee is new or newly full time, they will need to use their own personal or annual time in order to be paid for the minor holidays missed. Since part-time employees earn holiday hours based on percentage of time worked, eligibility must be calculated.
    • Employees who work alternate work schedules, may need to submit annual, personal or comp time to cover the difference between their holiday entitlement and scheduled hours.
    • Please remember an employee must be in a paid status the afternoon prior to and the morning after a holiday to be eligible to earn the holiday.
    • Holiday time between Christmas and New Years for part-time or new employees will be verified by the Payroll department. An email will be sent to the departmental timekeeper and supervisor for those missing deferred holidays.

If the employee started AFTER:
February 21st    (Presidents Day)   1 day of leave will be needed.
October 10th     (Columbus Day)    2 days of leave will be needed.
November 11th (Veteran’s Day)    3 days of leave will be needed.
Temporary/Hourly Employees do not earn holidays unless they work them!


    • The last pay for using 2011 “carry over time” annual, personal and sick leave usage and accrual is April 6, 2012THIS EXCLUDES FACULTY.
    • Faculty has until January 1, 2012 to use any accrued Personal time.
    • Employees can only carry over 45 Annual days (337.5 or 360 hours) into the New Year.  Any annual time that is left over the 45 days and after April 6, 2012, will be converted to sick time. All personal leave time will be lost if not used by April 6, 2012.
    • The last pay for 20 pay faculty for the fall Semester is February 10, 2012. The first spring pay is February 24, 2012.
    • The last fall semester pay for 26 pay faculty is March 9, 2012. The first spring pay for 20 pay is March 23, 2012.
    • W2’s will be mailed to the employee’s home address that is on his/her pay stub in late January. Please review your address for accuracy. All address changes must be in the payroll office by December 16, 2011 to ensure proper mailing.
    • Employees that wish to request leave for the next leave year are currently unable to do so. Employees will receive a message “Not enough quota” yet leave time is properly showing as available. This is due to the new time quotas not yet being set.  PASSHE is in the final testing stages of this development and expect that all eligible employees will have the ability to submit a 2012 leave request by mid- November.


    • Student payroll checks for the pay date of December 16, 2011 will be held at the payroll office until December 19, 2011 (then mailed). Student checks for the pay dates of December 30, 2011 and January 14, 2012 will be mailed to the student’s address printed on the front of their payroll check.  Please notify the students in your department to verify their home addresses on their current payroll check. If the address is not correct, student must make all changes at the payroll office prior to leaving for break.
    • The last student pay for the fall semester will be on January 27, 2012. This will be for the pay period ending, January 13, 2012.  The first student pay for the spring semester will be February 10, 2012.  


Direct deposit is available and highly recommended for both student and staff employees. Direct Deposit forms can be found on the payroll website. Please attach a voided check to the form before sending to Payroll for processing. Direct deposit is easy, convenient and guaranteed!  

Office Closings:  Office closings may be authorized for reasons such as hazardous road conditions or undue harm to employees, and other reasons as determined by Administration.  Office closings for an entire workday are not considered “special” holidays.  In the case of an office closing for an entire workday which is announced prior to the actual day of closing, an employee may cancel an approved leave request if done so before the end of his full scheduled workday or work shift immediately preceding the entire work day closing. If an employee has an approved scheduled day off at the time of the university closing, the employees paid time off remains intact and should not be withdrawn.

Partial Day Closings:  Employees on a paid leave status on a day when a partial day closing is authorized will be charged with leave as though no partial day closing occurred. In the case of a partial day closing which is announced prior to the actual day closing, an employee may cancel an approved request for leave if done so before the end of his or her full scheduled workday or work shift immediately preceding the partial day closing.

    • Employees released from work because of a partial day closing shall not have their compensation reduced.
    • When a partial or full day closing of an office occurs, leave is neither recorded nor changed. For consecutive day closings, leave must be charged on the second and ensuing days of closure.   
    • For employees who has not reported to work by the time a partial day closing has been announced, even if the employee notified the office of intended lateness, annual, personal, holiday or compensatory leave to leave without pay must be charged for the entire day. NOTE: An employee must be physically at work to benefit from a partial day closing.
    • For an employee who reports to work after a delayed starting time, annual or personal leave or leave without pay only needs to be charged from the delayed start time to the time of the employee’s arrival.
    • For an employee who leaves work prior to an early dismissal time annual or personal leave or leave without pay must be charged from the time left to the normal quitting time, not the adjusted early dismissal quitting time.


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