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The Human Resources Office is excited to announce the rollout of the new PeopleAdmin Online Application Management System for faculty hiring!

We are happy to say that not only are we joining some of our sister institutions in the PASSHE system, but also over 700 higher education and government organizations in utilizing PeopleAdmin and taking advantage of the perks that it has to offer.

This has been a two-year process for us, starting with Chancellor Cavanaugh’s mandate for all universities in the system to acquire and incorporate this web-based recruiting service into their recruiting programs.  After putting together the basic framework of the system we solicited input from a number of individuals who are routinely involved in the faculty search and hiring process, including Social Equity, chairs, faculty members, an Academic Dean, and Deans’ business managers, to help us ensure that the workflow was mapped out correctly.  The system mirrors our existing process and incorporates other features that would increase the convenience and efficiency of the new process.

At this time each of the Academic Colleges’ Deans have been afforded the opportunity to preview the system and overall feedback has been very positive.  In fact, several departments have already begun to use the system for new faculty searches.

As a reminder, the faculty hiring process itself has not changed.  That being said, the new system not only moves this process to a user-friendly electronic platform but also provides some great benefits that otherwise aren’t available with the former paper process.  Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to view and score candidates' application materials from any computer that has internet access
  • The ability to screen out applicants that do not meet the minimum criteria prior to initial applicant review and to ensure that applicant documents have been provided before the application can be submitted.
  • Applicants can request references electronically, and when the references are submitted they are automatically attached to the candidates' application
  • Elimination of the need for search committees to mail out a Social Equity supplementary form to each applicant (as the system will collect this demographic information directly from applicants), thus saving time and costs associated with these mailings

If you wish to get started prior to your pre-search meeting with Social Equity and HR, you can feel free to begin working on developing your ad in the PeopleAdmin system.  To get started click here to go to the PeopleAdmin portal.  You can review an online tutorial here.

Those departments whose searches began prior to system availability do not need to do anything different: your ads have been moved to the new site by the HR staff and applicants will apply using the current paper system.  Any links you may have distributed will still work so you do not need to do anything else - the transition from the current site to the new site will be seamless.

Hands-on and even individualized training for search committees is available from HR and can be requested thru Kate Bove

While the old paper system will remain an option, we feel confident when seen by search committees, the new system’s advantages will be obvious and you will feel comfortable and well-supported in using it for your current search needs.  In any case, don’t discount its value until you have seen its capabilities.

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