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Frequently Asked Questions about Workplace Bullying




6. How do I know if I am witnessing workplace bullying?

If you believe that you could be a witness of workplace bullying, it is important to look into the matter further so that appropriate measures can be taken towards a resolution. Bullying can affect a witness as much as the bullying target and you as the witness can help to stop it. Remember, bullying consists of REPEATED behaviors over the course of a period of time. Asking yourself the following questions can help you to determine whether you are a witness of workplace bullying:

Does my co-worker(s) regularly become extremely anxious or physically ill at work?
Do I feel like my co-worker(s) is treated differently than the others?
Do I feel like no matter what my co-worker(s) does he/she fails at his/her job?
Is someone else always taking credit for my co-worker(s)' work or criticizing or interfering with successful completion of my co-worker(s)' work for no reason?
Does my co-worker(s) constantly get yelled at or put down when other people are around?
Are people spreading rumors about my co-worker(s)?
Do people repeatedly and purposely exclude my co-worker(s) from things?












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