Faculty Mentoring Program

West Chester University

Contact Info
Office: 210C Recitation Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone (610) 436-1059
Email: FMP Committee Chair


The mission of the Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP) is to enhance lifelong professional development in teaching, scholarship, and service. The mentoring relationships will support collegiality, effective communication, self-evaluation, and cultural competence, all of which enhance a stimulating and supportive university environment.

Look for the "call" for mentors and mentees in early fall semester. Look at mentor profiles (posted on D2L), choose a mentor and convey choice to FMP Coordinator.

Attend a one-time orientation in mid fall semester. Establish a regular meeting schedule for fall AND spring semesters.

Description of the Program

The FMP is open to all full-time Academic and Administrative faculty as defined by the most recent CBA. Faculty in all the university colleges and organizations (Arts and Science, Business and Public Affairs, Education, Health Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, and Non-Classroom Faculty) are eligible to participate as mentees and to serve as mentors. A Call for Mentees and Mentors will be issued early in the fall semester of the academic year. Prospective Mentees can examine mentor profiles posted on D2L, choose a mentor, and convey their choice to the FMP Coordinator. The program includes a one-time orientation session in the fall term and regular monthly meetings of mentoring pairs throughout the rest of the academic year.

Administration of the Faculty Mentoring Program

The Faculty Mentoring Program is administered by a committee of up to twelve members nominated by their respective constituencies to serve three-year terms, with one-third of the members to be elected each year. Elections for each member will be university wide and will take place in April. The Faculty Mentoring Program committee will consist of up to 12 faculty members distributed in the following manner:

  • 1 member from the College of Business and Public Affairs.
  • 1 member from the College of Education.
  • 1 member from the College of Health Sciences.
  • 1 member from the College of Visual and Performing Arts.
  • 1 member from the Counseling Center, Library, or Educational Services.
  • 3 members from the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • 4 (unrestricted) at-large members.

New members take office on July 1. The committee selects a Coordinator and a Chair from among elected members. Members of the FMP committee may also serve as mentors.

Duties of Coordinator

The Mentoring Coordinator facilitates the training and pairing of senior faculty mentors with junior faculty. The Mentoring Coordinator has four main responsibilities:

  1. Facilitate the matching, notification, and one-time orientation for training mentoring pairs, in consultation with the F MC;
  2. Research, develop, and maintain a comprehensive university-wide resource list of all faculty development resources, programs, and opportunities on campus,
  3. Maintain a D2L (formerly Blackboard) site for the mentors, mentees, and Steering Committee members on which is posted a variety of resources and through which regular communication can be maintained with mentors, mentees, and Steering Committee members and
  4. Attend and help provide leadership for FMC meetings and activities including trainings/workshops for all interested faculty on campus.

Duties of Chair

The duties of the chairperson will include but not be limited to:

  • Convening the committee
  • Conducting committee meeting
  • Preparing the committee calendar, organizing committee reports
  • Meeting candidates desiring further information