Department of Public Safety

690 South Church Street
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19383

General Evacuation Procedures

Everyone is encouraged to become familiar with the evacuation plans that are posted in University buildings.

If you are advised to evacuate a building either by the activation of the fire alarm system or verbally by Public Safety or other Building Administrators, please vacate immediately. Evacuate from below level and upper floors by using designated stairways and do not use elevators. If you have special assistance needs, become familiar with the closest "Area of Rescue Assistance" and someone will help you to evacuate. If possible to do so safely, take your belongings with you and do not return to the building once you have left for any reason.

After leaving the building, occupants will be instructed by Public Safety or other Building Administrators where the evacuation area will be located. Please remain at the evacuation area unless it is unsafe to do so or you are instructed to re-enter the building.

If there is a suspected or confirmed hazard outside of a building, occupants may be required to shelter in place. Occupants may be instructed to move from their current location to other areas inside of a building, dependant on the type of hazard. Once sheltered, please remain in that areas unless it is unsafe to do so or you have been instructed to re-locate.

Evacuation Procedures for Persons with Disabilities

Please become familiar with escape routes and area of rescue locations in the buildings that you may be using during your time at the University. An area of rescue assistance is an area where people who are unable to use stairs may remain temporarily in safety to await further assistance during an emergency evacuation.

Important: If you are alone at the time of the emergency and unable to evacuate the building, notify the Department of Public Safety at (610) 436--3311 or extension 3311. Notify them of your location and the assistance you require. If you are able to leave your location, follow the instructions below.

If you would like the Building Administrator to be aware of certain personal information so they may contact individuals on your behalf after an evacuation, please record the following information and provide a copy to each building administrator for buildings that you will be occupying during your time on campus.

  • Your name
  • Contact Person for Assistance
  • Contact Person’s Telephone Number
  • Medical Contact Person
  • Medical Contact Person’s Telephone Number

You may also download the form at;

Emergency Evacuation form for Disabled Persons


Please follow these instructions in case of an emergency:

  • If you are on the ground floor of the building, exit by normal means.
  • If you are above or below the ground floor and not able to exit, relocate or be moved to an area of rescue assistance or stairwell landing.
  • Wait on the landing of the stairwell or area of rescue.
  • Notify the Department of Public Safety at (610) 436-3311 or extension 3311 of your location or have someone notify Public Safety of your location, if possible.
  • Wait for rescue and remain calm.
  • Do not use elevators, unless directed to do so by Public Safety or Fire Department personnel.

Members of the Department of Public Safety or members of the West Chester Fire Department will assist you from the building.

Classroom Buildings and Administration Buildings

Prepare for an emergency ahead of time by instructing a classmate, instructor, supervisor or co-worker on how you may need assistance in the event of any emergency.

Be aware of the location of the nearest stairwell and area of rescue assistance. If you will be working in an isolated area of the building, inform another student, staff member, or faculty member of your location.

Residence Halls

Contact your floor’s Resident Assistant(s) on move in day to schedule a time to review building evacuation procedures.

In the event of a fire or emergency evacuation, proceed immediately to the center stairwell landing and wait in the area for Public Safety or members of the West Chester Fire Department to assist you from the building.

If you are in your room and require assistance to the nearest center stairwell, notify the front desk of your location and the assistance you require so that this information can be forwarded to emergency rescue personnel.

If there is no response from the front desk, call the Department of Public Safety at

(610) 436-3311 or extension 3311 for assistance.