Department of Public Safety

690 South Church Street
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19383


Display Requirements:

All vehicles parked in University parking lots are required to display a valid parking permit.

Annual permits are to be displayed between the rear view mirror and the windshield, with the permit letter and WCU logo facing forward so that it can be clearly read from the front of the vehicle.

Permits are designed to hang from the rear view mirror post, and in 90% of vehicles, this system works. Should your vehicle be in the other 10%, consider one of the following options:

DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE: Using double-sided tape, you can affix the permit to the back of the rear view mirror.

STRING AND CLIPS: Using a short piece of string and two heavy duty paper clips, you can suspend the permit from the mirror post. Be careful to not hang the permit so low that it obstructs your view when driving.

Temporary permits are either to be displayed on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel with the lettering facing up or hanging from the rear view mirror depending on the type of temporary permit issued.

Officers are trained to look for the permit from the front of the vehicle, and if they do not see it, they will look from the side of the vehicle prior to ticketing.

Personally checking to see that your permit is clearly visible from the front may save you time and money. A valid permit that is not properly displayed does not constitute grounds for an appeal. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that his or her permit is visible. Officers will not check your license plate to determine if a permit was issued prior to ticketing and or towing.

Parking Services Office: 610-436-3345