Department of Public Safety

690 South Church Street
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19383



Commuter seniors are those students who live off campus and have accumulated 90 to 120 credits prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

Permit Eligibility

Commuter Seniors are permitted to purchase a permit for North and South Campus lots. This is a “C” permit. Those commuters who reside within 5 blocks of the University will be eligible for an "L" permit only. Please review regulations for the Five Block Rule.

Parking Lots

Commuter Seniors with an “L” permit are permitted to park in the following parking lots:

M lot - Behind the E.O. Bull Center, off High St.

O lot - South and East side of Sturzebecker Health Science Center.

Matlack Parking Structure - Behind the E.O. Bull Center.

Commuter Seniors with a “C” permit are permitted to park in the following parking lots:

A lot - The surface lot adjacent to the Sharpless Street Parking Structure

K lot - Behind Sykes Student Union

L lot - Behind the North Campus tennis courts on Roslyn Avenue

M lot - Behind the E.O. Bull Center off South High Street

M1 lot - Adjacent to the Matlack Street Parking Structure

O lot - On the south side and behind the Struzebecker Health Science Center

Q lot - South of Farrell Stadium on South New Street

R lot - East of Farrell Stadium on Tigue Road.

S lot - South New Street across from the tennis courts

Matlack Street Parking Structure

Communter spaces are designated by signage and two parallel white lines