Department of Public Safety

Crime Prevention Education

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West Chester, Pennsylvania 19383

Assist Motorist

Keys Locked

Motorist Assistance

A lock out service is provided to motorists, who have locked their keys in their vehicle. Due to the numerous makes of locks used by automobile manufacturers, it is sometimes impossible to enter a locked vehicle without the proper key. DPS will make every possible attempt to unlock your vehicle. Should you need the services of a locksmith or other arrangements, DPS will assist you. The University lock out service is free of charge, however it is the motorists responsibility to pay for charges incurred when non-university services are rendered.

Jump Start

Motorist Assistance

The Jump Start program is a service provided to motorist that find that their battery has died while at the University. DPS will have a vehicle, upon request, jump start your vehicle. Should your vehicle's problem be unrelated to a dead battery, DPS will contact an automobile service center for you. The Jump Start program is a free service, however it is the motorists responsibility to pay for automobile service center charges.