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Julian Onderdonk

Julian Onderdonk

Professor - Music Theory, History & Composition

Department of Music History
Room 236, Swope Music Building


Ph.D. New York University
M.A., New York University
B.A., Bowdoin College

Thoughts on SOM

The School of Music offers a first-rate education for all students regardless of class or income. This is its geat strength. The varied backgrounds and evident camaraderie of the students, the quality of the faculty, and the sheer volume of music-making opportunities make the SOM a superb training-ground for music professionals.

Curriculum Vitae

Julian Onderdonk joined the School of Music faculty in Fall, 2001.  He studied music history with Robert Bailey, Edward Roesner and Ernest Sanders; jazz with Lewis Porter; and ethnomusicology with Kay Kaufman Shelemay and James Cowdery.  He has lectured on Ralph Vaughan Williams’s folksong collecting and hymn-tune arrangements and his essays have appeared in Folk Music Journal, Current Musicology, Notes, English Dance and Song, Vaughan Williams Studies (1996), Vaughan Williams Essays (2003), Strengthen for Service: 100 Years of the English Hymnal (2006), The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology (forthcoming), The Cambridge Companion to Vaughan Williams (forthcoming), and the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

Dr. Onderdonk received his Ph.D. in music history from New York University in 1998, and received a BA (magna cum laude) from Bowdoin College in 1986. Before coming to West Chester, he taught at Williams College, New York University, St. Francis University (Pa.), and in the Pennsylvania State University system. A 1992-1993 recipient of a Fulbright scholarship, he studied for a year in London.


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  • Vaughan Williams, Ralph

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Unpublished Papers
“‘Roll Over Vaughn [sic] Williams’: Richard Thompson and the Predicament of “Electric Folk,” presented at the Fourth Biennial Conference of the North American British Music Studies Association, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, July 2010

“Vaughan Williams and German Romantic Aesthetics,” presented at Ralph Vaughan  Williams 1872-1958): Fifty Years On, one-day conference, The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, November 2008

“Folksong, English Hymnody, and Bach’s Chorales: Ralph Vaughan Williams and ‘the Greatest of All Musicians,’” presented at the Second Biennial Conference of the North  American British Music Studies Association, St. Michael’s College, Colchester, Vermont., August 2006

“Vaughan Williams and the Austro-German Tradition: Tonal Pairing and Directional Tonality in A Sea Symphony,” presented at annual national meeting of the American Musicological Society, Columbus, Ohio, November 2002

“Vaughan Williams’s Hymn-Tune Settings from Folksong,” presented at regional meeting of the American Musicology Society, Boston, March 2001