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General Education Requirements for Music Majors

Music Education: Instrument
Music Education: Voice
Music Education: Keyboard

Music Performance: Instrument
Music Performance: Voice
Music Performance: Keyboard
Music Performance: Jazz

Music Education and Performance: Instrument
Music Education and Performance: Voice
Music Education and Performance: Keyboard

Music Theory & Composition
Music Theory & Composition with Concentration in Music History

Music: Elective Studies with an Outside Field
Music: Elective Studies with an Outside Field in Music Therapy
Music: Elective Studies with an Outside Field in Business
Music: Outside Field Agreement Form

Music Minor
Music Performance Minor
Jazz Studies Minor
Music History Minor

Blank Suggested Sequence of Courses

Theory & Aural Activities Courses
As a School of Music student, you will complete a four semester sequence of theory and aural activities during your first two years.  It is expected that students will take the same levels of theory and aural activities during the same semester. However, under no circumstances will students be allowed to take a higher level of aural activities than that of theory completed (i.e. you may not take theory I and aural activities II). If necessary, the reverse is possible (i.e. you may take theory II and aural activities I).  Students may not "lag" more than one semester behind in aural activities.

Private Lessons
As a music major, you will participate in private lessons each week.  Performance majors will receive a 1 hour lesson each week; all other majors will receive a ½ hour lesson each week.  It is your responsibility to schedule your lessons with your instructor at the beginning of each semester.  It is advisable to bring a copy of your schedule to your meeting with your instructor to better facilitate the scheduling of lessons.

You are not able to schedule your private lessons.  If you are now taking a private lesson, the computer will automatically add your MAJOR lessons at the next level at the end of the regular scheduling period.  Contact the chairperson regarding minor lessons. Leave enough room in your schedule for these additional credits (3 credits for performance majors; 1.5 for all other majors).  Requests for elective private lessons or change of teacher in a private lesson should be addressed to the appropriate chairperson.

Summer lessons can be provided on a very limited basis and permission must be obtained by the chair of applied music prior to the end of spring semester.

Private lessons missed by the instructor are made up at a time satisfactory to both you and the instructor. Lessons you miss are made up ONLY if the instructor has been notified at least one day in advance and a reason acceptable to the instructor is given for the cancellation.  In an emergency, the lesson will be made up at the discretion of the instructor. Please let your instructor know as soon as you can when you miss due to an emergency.  Private lessons missed because of an excused absence (authorized by the School or University) are made up at a time satisfactory to both the student and the teacher.

Professional Qualifying Test (PQT)
Music Education students must successfully pass a minimum of four out of six parts of the PQT, one of which must be the sight singing portion, before enrolling in MUE 331 or other higher division methods courses. Students failing the sight-singing portion should enroll in MUE Q01 (PQT remediation). Passing all parts of the PQT is required for MUE 332.

Professional Qualifying Test preparation packet